Wednesday, June 19, 2013 will not be moved.


". . .you will not be moved. Though the mountains be shaken, and the hills be removed, still my unfailing love for you . . .will not be moved."

Just awoke from my nap with a sense of urgency. An urgency and awakened spirit for loving all. All people. All circumstances. 

And hating evil.

Plans while on the WR are often thwarted and I am convinced it is because of the power of Christ that this tight knit generation of H Squaders have for speaking and acting on truth. The evil one hates us too. The progression of this mission is unstoppable. This people of God shall persevere and all glory has, is now, and will be given to God our Father, who has daily been bearing our burdens. What a faithful God!

I left home for the World Race only just a short week and 2 days ago and yet, my team and I feel as if battle has been raged for ten of the eleven months already. We are fighting for freedom to reign in our hearts and in this place, and for these people. 

Oh, the people what lovely people. Hearts of gold and jolly laughter to boot! Greeting one another with such favor. The children are my heart thus far, following closely by the elderly which often hold their own in energy and could go toe to toe in clever humor and wise tales.

The Irish are known for their fiery red spirits and hair and I can see why but they carry way more feelings of sorrow and compassion for one another than I ever imagined. One word a young child in foster care spoke to me upset me and challenged my heart for change at home. She said, 

"The Irish cherish those who are disabled. we treat them with a lot of respect."

The Emerald Isle is beautiful beyond words and the sea is more inviting than any tropical beach. There's something special about the history within the waves. The isle is often described here with pride as having 40 shades of green and when I think of returning to Florida, I turn 40 shades of a jealousy green towards those who are blessed to be locals here. The foliage is vibrant and so are the people who walk upon the rocky paths.


My team has yet to let me forget my exclamation about my love for "big rocks." I remember climbing on similar ones in NC with my sister, Jaami, when we were little and here . . .in this lovely place, there are too many adventurous boulders to count!

Like the mountains so green and the rocks so strong, my team and I have decided and declared one thing while we continue to minister on the Irish shore . . .

"Though the mountains may tremble and the hills be removed, God's unfailing love for us will not be shaken"

. . . .and we will not be moved.


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