Wednesday, June 19, 2013

dare you to move


God is moving in Ukraine. He is calling people out, to live lives greater than that they have known. Greater than themselves. People are listening . . .and going. Take my new friend, Ala. She, along with her two siblings, have been rescued from the grasp of sex trafficking and when asked what she wants to do next she replies, be a missionary so that I can set people free as I have been set free. Yes, she means physically but since Ala is a believer in Jesus Christ, she speaks of spiritual freedom too.
There are many like Ala, children that have been or could be trafficked because of the high connections between Ukrainian orphanages and the slavery ring. There are very few like Ala, who have been rescued from its' reach. More are being rescued each day though and much of that is due to the awareness and funding recently arising out of such Christian events like Passion. The non-profit organization, A21, received funding this year from the Passion conference and is hard at work here to train people, to train people, to set people free. Yes, you read that right! There is that much work to be done. Believing is hard, helping others to believe is harder, raising money is still harder, and doing something to bring change on location harder even still. There IS hope. It can and does happen! Although the sacrifice of many, who are comfortable as they are, will need to take place for it to be accomplished! People WILL have to give up their comfortable lives for the sake of the cause, that is a fact. Something this important can only be faced by sheer focus and hard work. I ask that we pray that God would call US to be a part of this radical effort in some distinct way.
Today I sat before a woman who not only was trafficked 3 times and victimized by the Ukrainian mafia on multiple occasions, but actually escaped their grasp and has now chosen to tell her story. Her story and others like it must indeed be told, she says, so that the fear that in capsules the subject of today's slavery can be eradicated and so that more lives can be set free!
The greatest need that Ukraine has in the effort to demolish the sex industry here, is a movement. A radical movement by people unafraid. My new friend is one . . we need more. I can offer aid, yes, and I should. With awareness comes responsibility and I have had the blessed honor of being privy to much insider information recently. I cannot lead a movement here though. There are theories being passed around by organizations and people with hearts to change this country for the better but I have recognized today, more than ever, that it will be by the power of God alone that slavery will end in Ukraine. He will most likely use many people to do it.
You and I have a HUGE responsibility. We must pray. I ask that each person who reads this blog post, will stop what you are doing this very minute and pray for the country of Ukraine.Specifically, pray that God would move powerfully to put an end to the sexual industry here andstop slavery now in Ukraine. Even more specifically, that God would stir a movement so large that this country can't help but be freed.
I dare you to move.
Please post a new FB status immediately, asking for prayer over the anti-trafficking movement in Ukraine and of course tweet away! 27 million people are said to be enslaved around the world and now that there is greater awareness AND funding continues to grow daily towards the goal of freedom around the world, may we do what we can do right now and that is to approach God's throne of grace together so that God might see fit to move powerfully and heal OUR land. We are the world.

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