tournament of roses parade

On November 12th, 2011 Tori and I scrambled to choreograph a 60 sec dance to "Rock Around the Clock" for a local dance audition, here in Pensacola, FL . . .

     In a matter of minutes, Tori's old school partner dancing knowledge and my last minute choreography skills came together to complete a winning routine! We dressed in early 60's outfits, complete with boofed up hair and pearls, and headed to the audition! We were so brave! hahah. Justin and Mallori came along for morale support and we were very grateful! The need to worry was not ours because the contest was awesome, the atmosphere relaxed and excited, and at the end of the day we were told by the owners of Guld Coast Clock Company that we had won!!!

     They were pretty sure then and there that we would win the over all competition and not just the local audition. The way the contest worked is explained in the following:

1. Audition at Gulf Coast Clock Company in PCola
2. Win the local competition!
3. Gulf Coast Clock Company submitted our video of the dance and monologue to the parent company, hosting the competition "Kit Cat Clock Company"
4. Kit Cat Clock then combined the winners from 6 local auditions such as the one that we won and posted videos on youtube, connected with their facebook page
5. After submission, every video was voted on by the amount of  "likes" that each one received. The prize was for the winner to ride atop the Kit Cat Clock float in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, FL on January 2nd!!

This is when I break in and say that prior to the end of the competition, Kit Cat Clock Company's PR guy, gave the two of us a call and declared the good news . . .

Tori and I were asked to take 2 of the 8 tickets being offered to ride the float, whether we won the Facebook contest or not! Wooo hooo! So excited that we have made it this far and can't believe the prospect of being able to ride on the Tournament of Roses Parade float! It would be absolutely a dream come true!

The last piece to this amazing puzzle is to fund raise to pay for our plane fares to CA! The company has paid our entrance into the parade and other costs associated with riding the float. Plus they have givin us the great opportunity to be a part of the parade in general!

So now we ask for the support of our craft, sharing dance with the world! Pledge below if you are able to! We appreciate even the smallest of donations!!