5 years ago, God began a little baby organization called Revealed Ministries. Although young in experience, fiery and determined has been its’ existence. Upon ignition, this same ministry was thrust forward into the direction of "radical" as little girl after little girl came to the Revealed truth that she is in fact a daughter of the Most High King and is valuable, right now, simply because she was born and He loves her. Revealed has traveled across the South East thus far, on mission to spread God’s truth and grace, and yet so many girls have already heard Him speak to them and have found refuge in Him. All of these girls, and many a leader, have been shared with a very specific and yet deeply sinking message…


The theme verse of Revealed Ministries and the heart behind every word spoken, dance choreographed, and painting designed is that of 1 John 4:9
“By this was God's love revealed in us, that God has sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.”

The fact that the love of Jesus is deep, wide, and covers all our sin, making us blameless in His sight, is not only needed to be heard by the young women of our day but they are actually starving for such truth as this. The world says that they are not enough. And they are. We all are, actually. The world and even the church often send a message to its’ hearers that more has to be done to be seen, heard, and found important when in reality, our very presence can equally hold His presence and God’s view of us does not change one single ounce when the weight of our sin is placed on a scale of worth. We remain without shame.

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Is the Gospel presented, yes. Because Christ’s blood is the atonement but even without His atonement, his view of us would not have changed or even began as negative. But because of His sacrifice, our FUTURE has changed. His blood is redeeming so for all of the sweet angel girls who have gone too far and have sliced to feel, and even those who have yet to try but feel they might break soon… we speak out and wing in. Revealed Ministries brings light to dark spaces that are creeping in the midst of the walls of a church and to school clubs that just want to make a difference in their halls but don’t know how. Leaders come and they too experience the raptured passion that they once had for God’s Word and His plans for their futures. They decide to influence those they can and when these girls leave an event, they tell us that they know that God’s love is unconditional. That they choose to believe that there is nothing they can do to add or take away from His powerful and beautiful love. PERIOD.

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I tell you about Revealed Ministries because even after 11 months of visiting and partnering with organizations all over the world, this work remains my heart. My heart breaks for women around the world. And I feel that if I can be a part of pioneering the Revelation of truth to American teenage girls… they will be the very ones to continue the work that is needed internationally to set women free. Freedom. It’s what we all crave and it’s what the Spirit of God offers. By setting the hearts of young girls on fire for the passionate promise of God’s love in their lives, I have done the one and only thing that I am most called to do. Ignite. When a fire is lit, the spreading is contagious to the elements around it. They are consumed and gathered as a part of the force. “Please, God,” I pray, “Set a fire in women here so that they can free women there.”

I believe that one day (While I am alive and well, I hope!), God will call Revealed Ministries to be Revealed International. Actually, I claim it. Because I’ve seen women trapped, hurting, and needing of rescue everywhere I’ve been this year. And that started at the Revealed events that were held in the US. We are all the same, just some know the truth of what it means to be free.

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I am not alone in this quest!! Thank God!!! We are a team. We have been and as God leads, we will be. There is so much to be done for we are tiny and the work is big but our FAITHFUL God is bigger and it’s His plan anyway. He said, “Revealed is your Plan A” in Thailand and I have chosen to buy in. His reward, the heavenly one is so much better a blessing than anything I could acquire for myself. I don’t even want to look elsewhere. I just want to keep looking into the eyes of freedom. Free indeed.

So I’m leaving this 11 month journey with a cause but not one that I picked up along the way (Because I truly thought He was going to call me somewhere in Africa to drop everything and move there to adopt 100 kids or something… maybe that was Katie, lol). Instead, He has led me back to the place I started. Not a finish line at all, folks. Nope. This World Race led me to a new journey of accepting the gifts that God has already given to me and putting my 100% into them.

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What's next???
I’m moving home. Pcola bound! I will be living with my mama and my soon to be 17 year old sister, Mallori, until further notice. I have an incredible man of God waiting for me at the Pensacola Regional Airport, that is anxiously and yet supportively waiting for us to plant roots in our home town. My story will be written one mug of coffee at a time and I will teach dance as a hobby (Because I love it!), as a passion (Because God made it so), as a money-maker (Because it’s a little of one), and as a way to invest in the community that I call home. In this I want to sing more, dance more, act more, and love more. I want to experience and not just live. I desire conversations and quiet meaningful moments and more than anything, I want the presence of the Spirit of God wherever I am. I may start a Women’s group or maybe even hold a safe place for teen girls to come together once a week because I’m still technically single and can. I know I want to be a functioning part of a church and am seeking God to lead me to the one of many that will be available. Cooking is on the agenda too but more as therapy from 11 months of rice than anything practical. This will be my life for the next leg of my Life Race.


First, 2 weeks at least of sleep and hulu ;)

Revealed will be my number 1 “job” and I have no idea how that is supposed to look when bills begin to come. Please pray with me as I trust God to direct my path day. By. Day. He’s always been true to His word. Do you know that I love rainbows because of how God has spoken His promises through them? I’ll be honest, I’m scared a little. Scared that my life doesn’t look “normal” in some ways and scared because it’s starting to look too “normal” in others. Ha! So I appreciate your prayers, your thoughts, and definitely your community. I’m leaving a Race filled with people sharing common current goals. I look forward to this next season and the relationships that will be built along the way over meals, movies, and moment by moment memories.

I’m looking for a few rainbows.

Life may be changing radically in a matter of days but from my current view, the one I’ve requested from heaven, it’s looks colorful and joyful…
beLOVED. is who I have become. If you have read my previous blog, you know that I was given that name in a prophetic word from 2 friends through Isaiah 62 but now it’s also a way of life and a striking title to this next season.

Revealed Ministries opened the door in my life to Who God is and “How He Loves.” But now God has shown me His desire for me to dwell in that unconditional place of His wonder. And since to be known is to be LOVED., I desire that the next route I run will be filled with the being and not doing, resting and not striving, and abiding right where I was meant to live. Healthy and in Him. He is sufficient and I am going to let my Papa love me. That is enough.

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Thanks for joining me here in this update. I still have so much to tell you about the World Race and running it but that will have to wait until I can type away on MY lap top instead of my ridiculous tablet of scorn! Haha! Keep reading, God’s done some crazy, life altering things in and around me and I’m so stoked to share it all!

From that open space... "so I go")


About Revealed Ministries:
Revealed Ministries will continue to develop as the Leadership Team catches up to God’s recent movements but as of now, we provide either a night of worship or a weekend retreat for girls ages 13-18 (And their church or school leaders) to hear and see the revelation of God’s truth in the way of art, speaking, dancing, sports, writing, small groups, music, and all other forms of worship to our King. They will come as seeking girls and leave as princess warriors!!!!
Contact or check out our facebook page Revealed Ministries. We have a website under development and you can find the link on our facebook page!