Wednesday, June 19, 2013


(Written 7/7/12, on the plane from Boston to Dublin, following the WR LAUNCH!)

My hair on end, my heart pumping blood so fast that at any minute my brain could explode, and my heart sending itself flying through the air into a front flip that would win a 10 at this summer's Olympic games! My throat was dry and my cheeks stained with mascara and savory tears. Not the big kind that are noticeable to those around you but the trickling kind that allow just a tiny sob to break at the back of your throat.

Touched. I was touched by the fulfillment of God's call Tuesday night and I can honestly say that I am exactly where I am supposed to be . . .no, not on this flight to Ireland (Although this first leg of the journey is definitely a small part of it!) but on the World Race. 11 in 11. I've waited so long but then again, not long at all it seems. Here I go . . .rather, here He goes. God is bringing me on mission around the world and I PROMISE to write history (Or as our Mama  coach, Rynnette said last night, "His-Story)! There are 150 Racers launching this week and after spending another week with these passionate people, I have no doubt that a changed world is soon to announce itself, one orphan/prisoner/slave/Gipsy/sick and hopeless person at a time.

The WR Launch service, the place in which God granted me immeasurable peace Tuesday night, came following the most difficult partings I have ever experienced first hand. I honestly did not want to leave home. I was having the time of my life and living days filled with answered prayer, leading up to my departure. Sunday night, as I lie awake wondering why God would choose the happiest season of my life to take me away, God was with me. And with about 2 days worth of patience, I would find out exactly why indeed.   Because I'm called to "go." God loves blessing me and I believe that but more than a Blesser, my God is a Rescuer. . .also known as a Savior. He is the Hero of the world. And I, long ago, CHOSE to be rescued by Him myself (and lived not a day in regret of it!). I now bear His Name and in that, have a responsibility to leave no man, woman, child in a place where they have yet to know His love, His freedom, and the hope that He can bring to them on their darkest day. This may mean something different for each believer in Jesus Christ, for He is a very personal God and calls us each to use the gifts He's given us in a special way but for me, it means pursuing the nations with the unconditional and incomparable love of God. Tangible love.The kind they can eat, drink, find protection under and with, and the kind that they can actually feel.  All the "see ya laters" in the world are absolutely worth it if the "untouchables" believe they have worth and those without hope can find a safe home to trust their heart to rest.  

I find it ironic that one of the two countries that I did not get the chance to have on this blog as a "focus country" in preparation for my World Race, is the very first country that God will set my feet on to walk out His love and Good news for the next 3 weeks! Let me tell you how excited I am to announce to you here, what an incredible mission focus my team, combined with two others have the honor of serving in!   The first people group that I will live and walk out my faith among on my World Race is a large colony of gypsies, or "Travelers" (As they prefer to be called). We have not gained much knowledge about this group yet and their specific needs yet, except that I will most likely be a part of leading worship for this colony, hungry for community. I know that construction will in fact be a part of this work as well. I will definitely look forward to filling in the blanks later as God reveals His desire for this colony, according to their needs.

Prayers please, as we enter in brand new land and brand new season of life, living among the nomads of our world. We land in Ireland in 5 min! I must go! MUCHO LOVE!  


PS The town we will be in is called, Greystones! Have a blast looking up the town and learning more about it if you wish! If you have an encouraging word regarding these next 3 weeks, please feel free to comment below!!!

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