"LO, I believe you could very well be the next Corrie Ten Boom."  

Have you ever had something said to you that you didn't deserve? Something that could only be a word from the Lord, meant to instill joy and life into who you are? This happened today and I will never forget it. A fiery Irish man named, Vinny, spoke these humbling words to me while driving my team and I around the Isle's countryside. This was our sightseeing day . . .for me, it was a life-changing day.  

I was an early reader and when i was nine years old, I asked my mama if I could read Corrie Ten Boom's book, "The Hiding Place." She told me that she thought it would be too dark and heavy for me to read as a nine year old. I told her that I felt that I was meant to read it. She told me to go ahead and to put it down if it became too much. Twenty-four hours later, I read the words "The end" and layed down the book as a different person. I felt such a connection with this woman who was far beyond reach and who had passed away a year before I was born.   I could never say for a single minute that I am even an inch of the woman that she was while she walked this earth. I will however, claim what God has called me to claim, a great respect and admiration for her gumption and willingness to risk herself for the fulfillment of the needs and desires of others. NOTHING stood in the way of her acting on her conviction to protect or to think deeply, despite the attempts to quiet her spirit. Oh, how I long to give to others as she did. Traveling across the countryside today, visiting the mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and boulders that I have only dreamed of seeing, I realized once again that God cares about my dreams. He doesn't just call us to obedience and sacrifice without blessing and reward. Most of which will one day be ours in heaven of course but here on this earth, dreams can and do come true following a willingness to live the call. For me for this season, this meant leaving my awesome life at home and going to places pictured in my many childhood wall calendars and making my walk of nomad character.  

We really have only begun. I know you are all wondering at this point when I will get into the nitty gritty details of our work thus far in Ireland but God has not called me to do this. I believe God has asked me to translate to you big moments of inspiration in my story and  to share with you stories of people from all around the world. Some pertinent info may be added in here and there. We'll see! I plan to let the Holy Spirit lead me as to what to write and when. I will trust that He knows exactly what my readers, my blessed family and friends, need to read about this mission in that season.  

It's not been easy, nope. Some days have been . . .difficult. Ministry has been in unexpected places and at unexpected times.The key lessons in this journey thus far, revolve around becoming a team,adjusting to our circumstances, and choosing joy as we walk our days out for the benefit of others and the glory of the Lord.  I love the 3 teams that are working here together. We've already been through so much together and we have been made strong to fight the battles to come. God's mercies have been new every morning and I look forward to a hindsight view of our time in this green country. The sheep on a thousand hills remind me of God's timeless love for this people and my conversations with the locals, have me embracing the inspired thought that the best is yet to come for these precious villages and their inhabitants.

VInny spoke those first words over me, following my asking of a simple question.. .    

"How has the Lord spoken to you today?"  

May we all consider this question at the close of  our "everydays" . . .He is worthy to be acknowledged and it is a great way to move forward in spiritual, emotional, and physical health. I'm grateful to be living. Here in Ireland, or anywhere. My heart grows weary and faint some days but my God is a rock and He is my Hiding Place. In Him do I trust.