I just returned from my 2nd doctors visit of the week just a little bit ago. After accessing my health and with a glimpse of the strep infection on my throat. . .

I was prescribed bed rest for the next 4 days

I leave for my World race in 17 days

. . . I am NOT prepared for battle.

I need to rest. I've known this for weeks, maybe my whole life. 

At Training Camp a few weeks ago, God brought into focus my need for learning to not only accept help but also to ask for it. He has continued that theme the last few weeks as I have faced physical ailment after physical ailment. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm counting my blessings . . .it could be much worse. But the ailments I've dealt with have caused me to stay home and not go, be quiet and not talk, and remain still, instead of Moving Forward. Hm.

My heart for this mission is HUGE and my heart for my family and friends is HUGE as well. I don't like to let people down and I definitely have no desire to be lazy with the time that God has given me. All good things. 

BUT GOD has called me to rest. Okay, God . . .I get it. 

So now I have to! Hah! Doctor's orders. 4 days of bed rest will seem like an eternity, especially with so much change at hand but God knows best and so I will trust Him. If He wants me to be still, I'll wait for Him to speak. Maybe that's just it, my restless/wondering spirit has caused me to be too busy to listen. Maybe His still small voice is speaking to me regarding some area of my life and being still is the only way that I will hear it effectively. Maybe He wants to prepare me for battle.

Well, okay then . . . Lord, speak. I'm still . . .I'm listening.

(This will be the first installment of a week of more fervent writing. God has given me several posts to develop (This having been the 1st) and so I pray that you will find the time to be still with me as I seek the Lord and His Word.) 


Lauren "LO"!<><+