Welcome to the 31 Days of Faith!

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"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1

Faith. I know, it's broad.
I tried to narrow it down, even thought of a few ideas to do so and every time, Papa said no. 
He told me to not "box myself in." 

For the month of October, 31 days to be specific, I will be seeking the Lord about a new revelation of this word that I have known and even claimed my whole life over. Faith. It's time for me to understand it from His perspective. The meaning He intended for it before people like me came along and decided we would give our take on it and then spread that definition among His children. 

I want to give FAITH back to the Creator of it. I want Him to redefine it for me so I don't have to will it to be something it's not meant to be in my heart... you know, based on my efforts or my thinking? 

So there will be stories. Stories from my World Race last year, and the ways He has proven to me in other times that FAITH is indeed REAL. A reality of hope.

I may also host others who have seen Him. You know, SEEN Him. And are willing to talk about it.  

I want to believe in my God and His power, more than I ever have in my life because of these 31 days. 

Please join me on this journey as we face challenges together! It's so exciting to be a part of this special series! I really want you to do this with me because I have a feeling that He's about to just blow my mind with Who He is and with how much He desires the belief in my heart to be in complete abandonment of any doubt. 

31 Days of Faith. Let's go.

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  1. I hope your month will be filled with some incredible revelation!!

    1. As do I, Adriel! Right back at ya, girl!