My dear friend, Heather Powell, skyped with me for 3 hours on a Friday night in order to get my World Race fundraising organized! Thank you to her and to you for being patient with me on this! I believe we have accomplished a lot! My new found organization will be implemented soon in different aspects visible and behind the scenes!

Mostly, I am just so ready to get going with this journey and feel the great anticipation of setting financial goals and watching God use all of you to meet them! It really has been a phenomenal blessing thus far as a humbled servant of Christ, asking for monetary funds to be able to "go." I think it is hard for any person to ask for money. Seriously, no fun! However, this life is not all about fun when you know there are people suffering from travesties worldwide and WE have the power to bring them freedom! Again, thank you for letting me go. I remain indebted to my God for using this broken vessel, made whole only by His hands. Upon saying that, I quickly follow with gratitude for you all and the way you are living life as givers.

1st step in getting organized:

Weekly Blog Posts!

= Moving Forward (The revealing of a new country to focus on from the 11 that I will travel through, including stories, pictures, needs, and fun facts)!

= Mid-week Mission (One specific fundraiser that you can join forces with me in)!

Fridays = Friday 5 (A short list of 5 different ways you can be involved in my journey, with links and easily accessed info)

Because today is MONDAY . . .well, you know what that means:

This week's country is . . . .(drummer roll, please) . . .

With nearly a sixth of the world's population within its borders, India is a country bursting with people and culture. Home to a diverse array of beliefs from Hinduism to Islam, to a blend of folk religions and other faiths, it is a country of pluralism with twenty-nine languages spoken by over a million native speakers, multiple religions, cuisine, socio-economic classes, and political parties. India's struggles with poverty and crimes of human trafficking, forced prostitution, religious persecution, and more. You might work with local churches to encourage believers and most likely be challenged by their testimonies. Your presence'll bring hope and truth to those that society deems "untouchable."

I read the story of a little boy today, his name is unkown but his face is real . . .he lives in India within the walls of an orpahanage. He is blessed . . .