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5 years ago, God began a little baby organization called Revealed Ministries. Although young in experience, fiery and determined has been its’ existence. Upon ignition, this same ministry was thrust forward into the direction of "radical" as little girl after little girl came to the Revealed truth that she is in fact a daughter of the Most High King and is valuable, right now, simply because she was born and He loves her. Revealed has traveled across the South East thus far, on mission to spread God’s truth and grace, and yet so many girls have already heard Him speak to them and have found refuge in Him. All of these girls, and many a leader, have been shared with a very specific and yet deeply sinking message…


The theme verse of Revealed Ministries and the heart behind every word spoken, dance choreographed, and painting designed is that of 1 John 4:9
“By this was God's love revealed in us, that God has sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.”

The fact that the love of Jesus is deep, wide, and covers all our sin, making us blameless in His sight, is not only needed to be heard by the young women of our day but they are actually starving for such truth as this. The world says that they are not enough. And they are. We all are, actually. The world and even the church often send a message to its’ hearers that more has to be done to be seen, heard, and found important when in reality, our very presence can equally hold His presence and God’s view of us does not change one single ounce when the weight of our sin is placed on a scale of worth. We remain without shame.

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Is the Gospel presented, yes. Because Christ’s blood is the atonement but even without His atonement, his view of us would not have changed or even began as negative. But because of His sacrifice, our FUTURE has changed. His blood is redeeming so for all of the sweet angel girls who have gone too far and have sliced to feel, and even those who have yet to try but feel they might break soon… we speak out and wing in. Revealed Ministries brings light to dark spaces that are creeping in the midst of the walls of a church and to school clubs that just want to make a difference in their halls but don’t know how. Leaders come and they too experience the raptured passion that they once had for God’s Word and His plans for their futures. They decide to influence those they can and when these girls leave an event, they tell us that they know that God’s love is unconditional. That they choose to believe that there is nothing they can do to add or take away from His powerful and beautiful love. PERIOD.

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I tell you about Revealed Ministries because even after 11 months of visiting and partnering with organizations all over the world, this work remains my heart. My heart breaks for women around the world. And I feel that if I can be a part of pioneering the Revelation of truth to American teenage girls… they will be the very ones to continue the work that is needed internationally to set women free. Freedom. It’s what we all crave and it’s what the Spirit of God offers. By setting the hearts of young girls on fire for the passionate promise of God’s love in their lives, I have done the one and only thing that I am most called to do. Ignite. When a fire is lit, the spreading is contagious to the elements around it. They are consumed and gathered as a part of the force. “Please, God,” I pray, “Set a fire in women here so that they can free women there.”

I believe that one day (While I am alive and well, I hope!), God will call Revealed Ministries to be Revealed International. Actually, I claim it. Because I’ve seen women trapped, hurting, and needing of rescue everywhere I’ve been this year. And that started at the Revealed events that were held in the US. We are all the same, just some know the truth of what it means to be free.

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I am not alone in this quest!! Thank God!!! We are a team. We have been and as God leads, we will be. There is so much to be done for we are tiny and the work is big but our FAITHFUL God is bigger and it’s His plan anyway. He said, “Revealed is your Plan A” in Thailand and I have chosen to buy in. His reward, the heavenly one is so much better a blessing than anything I could acquire for myself. I don’t even want to look elsewhere. I just want to keep looking into the eyes of freedom. Free indeed.

So I’m leaving this 11 month journey with a cause but not one that I picked up along the way (Because I truly thought He was going to call me somewhere in Africa to drop everything and move there to adopt 100 kids or something… maybe that was Katie, lol). Instead, He has led me back to the place I started. Not a finish line at all, folks. Nope. This World Race led me to a new journey of accepting the gifts that God has already given to me and putting my 100% into them.

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What's next???
I’m moving home. Pcola bound! I will be living with my mama and my soon to be 17 year old sister, Mallori, until further notice. I have an incredible man of God waiting for me at the Pensacola Regional Airport, that is anxiously and yet supportively waiting for us to plant roots in our home town. My story will be written one mug of coffee at a time and I will teach dance as a hobby (Because I love it!), as a passion (Because God made it so), as a money-maker (Because it’s a little of one), and as a way to invest in the community that I call home. In this I want to sing more, dance more, act more, and love more. I want to experience and not just live. I desire conversations and quiet meaningful moments and more than anything, I want the presence of the Spirit of God wherever I am. I may start a Women’s group or maybe even hold a safe place for teen girls to come together once a week because I’m still technically single and can. I know I want to be a functioning part of a church and am seeking God to lead me to the one of many that will be available. Cooking is on the agenda too but more as therapy from 11 months of rice than anything practical. This will be my life for the next leg of my Life Race.


First, 2 weeks at least of sleep and hulu ;)

Revealed will be my number 1 “job” and I have no idea how that is supposed to look when bills begin to come. Please pray with me as I trust God to direct my path day. By. Day. He’s always been true to His word. Do you know that I love rainbows because of how God has spoken His promises through them? I’ll be honest, I’m scared a little. Scared that my life doesn’t look “normal” in some ways and scared because it’s starting to look too “normal” in others. Ha! So I appreciate your prayers, your thoughts, and definitely your community. I’m leaving a Race filled with people sharing common current goals. I look forward to this next season and the relationships that will be built along the way over meals, movies, and moment by moment memories.

I’m looking for a few rainbows.

Life may be changing radically in a matter of days but from my current view, the one I’ve requested from heaven, it’s looks colorful and joyful…
beLOVED. is who I have become. If you have read my previous blog, you know that I was given that name in a prophetic word from 2 friends through Isaiah 62 but now it’s also a way of life and a striking title to this next season.

Revealed Ministries opened the door in my life to Who God is and “How He Loves.” But now God has shown me His desire for me to dwell in that unconditional place of His wonder. And since to be known is to be LOVED., I desire that the next route I run will be filled with the being and not doing, resting and not striving, and abiding right where I was meant to live. Healthy and in Him. He is sufficient and I am going to let my Papa love me. That is enough.

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Thanks for joining me here in this update. I still have so much to tell you about the World Race and running it but that will have to wait until I can type away on MY lap top instead of my ridiculous tablet of scorn! Haha! Keep reading, God’s done some crazy, life altering things in and around me and I’m so stoked to share it all!

From that open space... "so I go")


About Revealed Ministries:
Revealed Ministries will continue to develop as the Leadership Team catches up to God’s recent movements but as of now, we provide either a night of worship or a weekend retreat for girls ages 13-18 (And their church or school leaders) to hear and see the revelation of God’s truth in the way of art, speaking, dancing, sports, writing, small groups, music, and all other forms of worship to our King. They will come as seeking girls and leave as princess warriors!!!!
Contact or check out our facebook page Revealed Ministries. We have a website under development and you can find the link on our facebook page!


I have a new name!



"When the 

Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dream. Then our mouths were filled with laughter, and our tongues with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, "The Lord has done great things for them." The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad. Restore our fortunes, O LORD, like the streams in the Negeb! Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! He who goes out weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him." - Psalm 126

God gave me the above passage as a measure of hope during the darkest season of my life to date. I remember that I was awake at 2 in the morning on a winter's night, leaned against my bathroom door where I often braced myself against the sorrow of the world I was trapped in. Sleep had not come because I had stubbornly not let it. I was 17 and my heart just felt as if it couldn't take any more isolation or abuse and the only time I felt a moment of sanity was in the quiet of the night, late into the hours of the only freedom I knew. Without going too deep into detail, I will simply say that I was desperate for a word from the God I claimed as my own and He reached down in a single moment, that determining moment, and gave me the above words as not only a sign that life would not end this way but a prophetic word that the future would be about new beginnings, mercies unknown, and an overcoming spirit that tells its' story in declarations of overflowing joy for others to receive as similar messages of hope. 

"And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they didn't love their live - even unto death." -Revelation 12:11

One night, several years ago now, I stood in front of my peers at a BCM event and declared to them a tiny piece of my story, more than I had ever shared before. Actually, anything would have been considered "more" because this was the very first time I had opened up about my story. That night we were asked to wear a white T-shirt, covered by a black T-shirt. Both had block letters on either the front or the back. The black shirt declared the word "Trapped" on the back as I stood facing the band at the front of the room. Quivering, I shook out my notes several times just to keep the words un-blurred. After we had each shared, a song was played by the band and as they came to the lyrics listed above that are taken straight from Scripture, we pulled the black shirts over our heads and turned around to reveal BRIGHT RED letters on the front of our shirts, which declared who we actually were to all as witnesses. Mine said "FREEDOM."

That night began a journey. A Kingdom journey. One of discovery. One of 2 steps forward and often, 1 step back. A journey to uncover the hidden wounds of the past and definitely a journey to seek healing and redemption for all that was. 

Now we speed forward . . .

"For Zion's sake I will not keep silent . . ."


The story I have to tell the world is not quaint. It's definitely not roses and butterflies but it's real. It's relatable to someone somewhere and that's why I will not be silent. She or he needs to know the hope I have come to cling to. The joy I have been given as an unmerited gift. And don't forget the value I never knew I held. A value that gives me the right to be called a co-heir with Christ. A daughter of the King. 

In Moldova, going into month 3, God told me He wanted to give me a new name because at one point in time, I had related to the sowing of tears represented in Psalm 126 but that now, as an overcomer, I had a new name to walk in. Similar to the saints of old, when something big happens in a person's life, we should move forward in the new work in them and claim their victory right along with them! I asked Him what this new name was, assuming it was to replace "Lauren." Naturally, I was ready to give it up , even if it meant being called Bertha! Haha! There was so much excitement in the idea of walking out the victory of a new life with a new name! Then He was silent . . .

My friend, Ashley, asked me if I thought I was to go back to being called Lauren (Instead of my newer nickname, "LO"). "I don't know? Could be," I said. Her reasoning was great and played into the redemption of the past. I prayed further into this as the months progressed but eventually gave up on receiving a new name. It didn't seem to come and I was like, "Oh well, I have the new life. I don't need a new name. I guess I kind of like my current one anyway, ha!"

". . . until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a burning torch."

This year has been incredible. Leaning on Jesus to get me through day to day in brand new surroundings and with intensely passionate people who just want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world. It wasn't perfect. Neither was I. I did change though. I changed little by little with each passing day and pruning of my heart. God continues to shape me. It's not over yet. Some days it's painful but other days His hands are comforting. Either way, He's working on me so that I can be free as me. Lauren. In Mozambique, this hit me. My identity had become wrapped up in the word "Minister" instead of who I was created to walk the earth as, "Lauren." Me. He just wanted me to be me. His story through my story is great without me having to try hard to make it better. I was trapped. Then I represented FREEDOM. That's enough. I am enough. 

"The nations shall see your righteousness. . . and you shall be called by a new name that the mouth of the Lord will give."

About a month ago, my heart was shook to the core as I came to my knees in the area of my pride. I'm hoping to post a separate blog strictly for that because it was such a defining moment but I must mention it here as a part of my new name. After claiming who I was in Mozambique, I settled in to live out the rest of my days as "me." What I hadn't realized at the time was that God was softening my heart towards who I was so that He could point out where the oil and the fire met. The place where I was ignited for Him and how sometimes I threw water on His fire in me instead of pouring on the oil of gladness and grace. Some of you may have seen this in me before but others may have not so let me just say that there is a portion of my heart that still hurts from the past. From the days braced against the bathroom door and the ills of this world. That isn't shocking, however, it is sometimes ugly when it rares its' head at other's expense. I have a way with words and sometimes this can be wounding when tossed carelessly into the air. Again, without details coming out in this post, let me just say that by no means had I intended EVER to drown out the fire that God wanted to ignite in others through me but pride has a funny way of springing to the surface when we still think we are justified because of hurts of our past. REFINERS FIRE. That's what I would call the last month of my life from Thailand to Malaysia. It's time to work through some ugly stuff. The yucky heart sickness that is left after a season of trauma. There is no purpose for that in my future and the next chapter of my story can not be accomplished until Jesus shows me fully that it is HIS grace in me that allows me to do anything I do in His Kingdom. He doesn't ask me to be perfect. He does ask me to live like I love Him and to depend on Him like a branch to the Vine. King Jesus. He is so mighty to save me day by day.


"You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord. . ."


Then He told me my new name . . .


"You shall no longer be termed Forsaken, and your land shall no more be termed Desolate, but you shall be called Hephzibah "My delight is in her" and your land Beulah "Married."

A few days ago, Meghan (One of the girls on a team I am visiting), shared with therest of her team and I that she felt that God was speaking "New Names" over all of us and that we were to pray into that for the week ahead. We were paired off and at the end of the week, she herself gave me Isaiah 62 and told me that my new name is


Little did she know that God would speak through this word to confirm the next chapter of my story . . . again, a coming post titled "beLOVED."

As she shared with the team what God had given her for me, she read Isaiah 62 and closed with these words, "LO, I just feel that God is declaring your past closed and your future open. That what happened in your past is redeemed and that He now plans to use you as Beloved to bring His Kingdom to earth in a new way, with you walking in a new name." (Something like that! Ha!)

"Go through, go through the gates; prepare the way for the people; build up, build up the highway; clear it of stones; lift up a signal over the peoples."

On a rooftop in Penang, Malaysia on day 2 of this month, God repeatedly spoke the words "Build up" to me and I was so confused by them that I remember shouting it into the night sky and adding, "...What in the world does that mean???!" When this verse was read aloud in Team Time a few weeks later, the very same words leapt from the pages and into not only my ears but also my heart! 

He always shines light on the next step. Have you noticed that? I didn't know what name He wanted to give me until I was ready for one. Likewise, He spoke the words "Build up" over my future and gave me only a snippet of clarity into what that means. Will he again come through in the future with further light shone onto the practicality of this personal call? Yes!! Yes, He will! He's so faithful! Don't you see?? He gave me a new name at the exact point in time that I needed it. I will be going home soon and I pray that like my new name, God will reveal all that "build up" entails but for now . . . I'm walking as His beLOVED. and it's an honor. 



Saved by a Comforter: Part 1

(Written 5/15/13 but about month 7, Nepal!)

Imagine this:
     You are sitting in your church’s sanctuary and the pastor says, “Family of God, there is a need in the country of Nepal right now that I believe you will want to be a part of helping with. In South Nepal, there are 6-10 people literally dying every day from the freezing weather. From what I am told, we can help to save lives by giving a few of our extra dollars to some missionaries in that area, who will use your offering to buy blankets, along with other warm things, to help them live through this hard winter. There is a plate being passed around specifically for this purpose. If you can’t give at the moment but want to, let the church secretary know that the donation you are giving is for the people of Nepal, when you come to the office to give. Thank you and now I will ask Bobby to pray us out . . .”

This really might not take an enormous amount of imagination to picture because I, myself, have witnessed a similar dialog repeatedly in my own church experience. People DO give and the money seems to be “sent off” but where does the money go? Who actually ever gets the needed blankets? Who lives because we, the American church attendee, gave what we had to give in a 2 minute thought out decision to do so? Well . . .

There was this one day last month, month 7 of my World Race, when I was startled by the Pastor who led our months’ mission work, as he burst through the door of his own home shouting, “Praise God! Praise God! He has answered our prayers!” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I personally can say that the other side of that giving is a different looking picture. This is what happens when you give to foreign mission work . . . you save lives.

Bhuvan, our Nepalese contact, did enter the room with joy and we too quickly joined him in shouts of excited praise to God for answering our fervent prayers for provision for the freezing Nepalese people!! For days, we had spent time in prayer each night covering a variety of requests to our great God and in giving Him praise for the ways in which we were seeing Him work. The “biggest” prayer of the week? The 6-10 Nepalese people in the Southern part of the country, who were dying every day because of their lack of provisions to stay warm. These needy people were mainly children, causing even more alarm in our hearts, of course! We prayed, “Lord, we know that you are a good Father and you love to provide for your children. Please send provisions of warmth for these blessed people in whatever way you wish . . . and immediately!”
And then He did . . .

Bhuvan’s friend in the States, contacted him that morning and told him the good news! After hearing of the need from Bhuvan, a few days back when he had shared his prayer request over the phone, he had organized an announcement in his local church, where they immediately took up a Wed night service offering for the far off land. $1,200 had been donated and his next question was, “How do you want me to get this to you?” Over the next 24 hours or so, the amount increased to a total of $2,000 and was sent via Western Union ASAP! The servant of God on the other end of the line, across the world, even stayed up all night just to make sure that the money was indeed wired immediately! Thank God for those who give money AND time for the sake of saving lives, physically and spiritually!

Speaking of those types of men, Bhuvan. Wow. This man was not just thrilled to receive the donation but immediately JUMPED into action. So, if you ever wondered what the other side of foreign mission donations looks like, I can tell you! They may not all work this way but for my all American team, we needed to see the honesty and fervency in the work done on the “other side.” It was inspiring. It made us want to spend a life-time of giving. Bhuvan did not spend hours figuring out how much money it would take to gas the bike to the market and the truck back up with the warm items to ship. Nor was he worried about paying himself back for the time he spent out of his daily mission activity and family life to accomplish this work of God. Nope. He just got to work and spent the money as it was desperately needed, on the dying people. He was ready and willing to sacrifice his life in order to save another. God bless the Bhuvan’s of the world. Phew!

So off to the market he went. Thankfully, he included us in this mission adventure! My bro, Ty, jumped on the back of Bhuvan’s bike to share in this day’s mission. Mission part 1 was to find the best priced and best quality blankets money could buy. He eventually did find a deal but it took hours of seeking to find the right bargain. They purchased all of the blankets and told the seller that they would pick them up later in the day. Off to find warm items such as mittens, hats, and socks they went! Part 2 was successful but took more time than part 1. As I’m told, the two went from market stall to market stall, picking up a few of each items in every one until they had the amount needed to be purchased to match the money given. This was indeed an all day affair and every thing for that day’s schedule was laid down completely to accomplish this goal in record time. Not a minute was to be lost.

After having purchased all that money would allow (Each blanket was about $17 USD and the other items varied but were cheap from an American standard), Bryan and Charlie (2 other team-members), joined them in town where they all worked to load a large truck bed with all of the purchases to take back up to the house for repackaging. We’ll call this part 3. Something I have yet to mention is the temperature outside during all of this. Cold. I’m unsure of the exact degrees on this day but I do remember that when the boys, Bhuvan, and all of the purchases returned home LATE that evening, I spent 15 minutes helping the boys feel their hands by rubbing them between my own briskly. Part 4 was accomplished by not only Bhuvan, but also his niece, nephew, and other members of his young immediate and extended family. They worked late into the night repackaging all the items so that they could travel safely to the remote areas of need.


Travel day came bright and early the next morning and included Bryan, Charlie, and the nephew we affectionately called, “Brother.” The three men traveled in and atop a slow going bus through rugged mountains and into the plains of South Nepal. A 12 hour trip just to get the warm things to the needy people. As they rode away, 5 am that Saturday morning, I thought to myself, “Wow. I never would have thought about the fact that it takes money, time, and even travel for the missionaries to get the needed items to the people. I guess I always assumed that the purchases were somehow just dropped in the lap of those who were desperate. No way, Jose! In all, 5 days were spent in waiting from the moment the need was donated to in the American church until the blankets were in the hands of the new owners. And not a minute was wasted in that 5 day span.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, one of my sisters took up the cause (having heard about the need from me online) and began taking MORE donations for a second round of all that you've read up to this point! By no means is this the end of this saving grace giving story!

So what happened? You may be wondering how it all turned out! Guess what . . . another World Race team was on the receiving end of the blankets etc and as Sarah, the other Team Leader, and I have connected both halves, you can follow this link Part 2 to read the REST of this amazing, first hand story of how the American donation and the foreign missionaries worked together to save lives in Southern Nepal.


color me equal


What makes sense to a child, is the fact that when they open their Crayola box, their crayons are all separated by color. The child rolls his pudgy little finger over the tips of all of these segregated artistic instruments, and as their creativity towards their coming masterpiece grows, so does the needs to stay in the lines, color appropriate images certain colors, and complete the picture of an isolated rainbow of discovery. 

If made to clean up the mess they've made, each child has one thing in mind. Get the crayons in the box as quickly as possible. Their mothers, however, have a different aim in mind and so they help their child accomplish the laborious task of separating the array of molded wax into very specific segments. Individual color boxes. There they remain until the next attempt to be Rembrandt takes over the child's ever changing will . . . then the colors will be blended over paper again and strewn around the room in an artistic frenzy.

I am reminded of a baby-sitting position I held for a short time as an early teen. I arrived at the house as the parents were headed hurriedly out the door and I was instructed to let the baby, only maybe 2 or 3 at the time, to color for as long as she wanted. I moved into the room with the kids to find the sweet angel looking dazed and confused at the paper she was attempting to make shapes on . . . there were no lines, no parameters  just a blank canvas for her mind. I remember asking her older brothers where the coloring books were because this picture in front of me looked a little sad and daunting, in all of its' blank space. They responded ever so casually, "Mom doesn't allow us to use coloring books because she says that the lines limit the creativity of our minds and shape our future in a way that will make our minds continue to feel boxed in and not at liberty to be our full potential." Did I mention he was 7? 

Although I will most likely allow any future kids I might have to indeed color on a lined book, I do understand more than ever the need to let children be free thinkers in many regards. Not in any cliche' labeled versions of that term but in the way that God intended. I will be their mother, not the Holy Spirit, and although God's Spirit may call me to place safe parameters around the hearts and minds of the children He entrusts me with, I never want to limit their thinking to my points of view. If they are to believe in anything or anyone, I want it to be because of the life-change they wish to experience and the love they want to embrace. I want to support them as they grow, yes, and even as they mess up. I believe in God. I believe that He loves to clean up messes. Often, my messiest days are the very days that I turn to Him with the most surrender and belief in Who He is and what He can accomplish in and through me. I think I'll let my kids come to that revelation with only encouragement from me. 

Anyway, you may be wondering what in the world this has to do with my Race???? Well, speaking of the world . . .

I have seen over 10 countries thus far of people manipulating ideals and even people themselves to believe what they (whomever "they" might be: Political/Religious/Educational authorities?) desire them to believe or even be subject to. Points of view, beliefs, ideals, instead of positive life-change, love, and acceptance. I'm honestly sick of it. I know I will never be able to get away from it though. Wow, depressing right? Nope! It's just a call to live different. I thought that America was in rough shape with its' shady politicians and scandals on Capital Hill but my limited time abroad has brought about a comparatively objective point of view of my own, the world, in all of its' beauty, is a sketchy place! Yikes, wish I could say differently but the honest truth is that anywhere you travel around the world, there will be crooks, negativity, and manipulation of what's right. 

This is why I choose to stand on what I believe, not as a platform of Religion but as a strong foundation to my activist form of unconditional love. I want to love the world the way that my Father in heaven, Creator of both heaven AND earth does. I get mad. Yes. I don't appreciate the hypocrisy of the Christian church. No. I hate being singled out AROUND THE WORLD simply because of my light colored skin. Yes. I can't stand the discrimination I feel daily in many of the countries I have visited because I am a woman with my forearms showing and my ankles unveiled. I don't like that at all. But God . . . did not create me to live as a person of hate but of love. I'll get to the details of that love in a coming blog post but for now just know that it is not my hope to live frustrated with the world in my future. But instead, to be a light in any dark place.

All of this started to grow into a blog post in my heart because of the prejudice we face every day this month in Malaysia. There are 3 groups of people here and even when we are teaching English (Technically a non-religious activity because of the fundamental Islamic location we live in), we are told before each class, "You have 3 of this ethnicity, 2 of this ethnicity, and 4 of this ethnicity in your next class." For what reason? Well, mainly because they won't sit together. They won't talk with one-another. They definitely won't go to get a bubble-tea together after class. So we, as their teachers trying to help them with a common goal to learn English, have to know how to adjust our behavior to include them all in the learning process. It all works out in the end.

The other reason my heart beats so loudly on this topic this month (Okay, more than normal!), comes from a place of distaste on my tongue for the gruesome stairs, gross gestures, and even more demeaning clicks and kisses from the mouths of the men standing on the side of every. single. sidewalk. The team I am with this month has really had to pray into this matter. Our safety, yes, and mainly our forgiveness and again, unconditional love, for these ignorant men. They are unaware or uncaring, as of now, what detriment they can cause by their intentional and yet careless behavior. What makes this okay? The idea that 1 crayon is better than another. The idea that the box of crayons is supposed to be separated by color or some other distinction, gender in this case. 

What I love and cling to each day I am here is the truth that Jesus loves each of us, and not just in spite of our differences, but because of them. My Father created me light skinned and female and He loves me as I am. Then again, He created those same men I mentioned and He sees their heart. Do I have to roll over to the idiosyncrasies of this fallen world? Not at all but I can choose to live with a love that makes us the same in worth instead of different because of race, gender, and/or birth place. 

God's working on my heart, as you can tell. Softening it towards the broken of His world, all the while willing it to be stronger in the area of justice. What a balancing act it can be if held to task only by me. So, I've given my heart to Him again. He's going to work out all the details. Today though, He gave me the imagery of the lesson He has asked me to pass on to you, my sweet blog readers . . . He loves you where you are, as you are, and He wants you to give away that same love and acceptance towards anyone you connect with (Or wish you hadn't!).

We may have been taught as children to designate spaces for each different crayon to dwell but may we grow from that unnecessary segregation into a people group who cares enough to tear down the walls of our man-made boxes and set free those who have been trapped by such divisive ideas around the world. 

I vote for new Crayola box, filled with the diversity we see in the colors of the world. Equal and free.



"under development"


When a Racer is in the process of writing a blog but is not ready to publish it yet, they save the post as "under development" and it stays archived for further construction. Sometimes it's because we are not finished writing it and sometimes it's almost finished but we are waiting for the outcome of the story to emerge before releasing it publicly.

And sometimes Jesus tells us to wait because it's just not quite the right time to let it go.

 If you notice, each Racer has a different style of writing for their Race and also their audience back home simply appreciates a differently captured version of this journey. Some people tell stories and others, facts. I lean towards just sharing my heart, wherever it's at each month, in hopes that it will connect with my readers in a impacting and personal way. I feel that when this ends, I will explain what the World Race was all about but for now, my thoughts are just continually layed out on a dish for you to either stick a fork in or not! Ha!

This time I want to share with you what God did in my heart yesterday, a random day on my Race. When I finish, I believe you will see the correlation between my blog posts and me, both for sure "under development." For weeks I have simply been pushing forward. I became Squad Leader and dove ino this role head first. Love it. Worked through the loneliness that not having a "team" can bring and remained Spirit led as I traversed each new day of 1on1's and daily planning. Meanwhile, my heart denied its' longings for adventure, negated receiving feedback, and ran from a future that God was laying out all too clearly before me. I have always had a "radical" heart, willing most days to follow God to the ends of the earth and satisfied to go it alone, despite sacrifice. That way of living is what I've seemingly been groomed for and my expectations in that have been ridiculously high. "normal living" has been out of the question . . . And then yesterday happened.

Excuse me when I say that a certain something "hit the fan" and I came to the halting reality that Jesus has been speaking clearly about His nearing post Race plans and they are anything but "wild" in my way of thinking. It was time He and I had a chat so He took me on a walk through a few beautiful back ally-ways of the Chiang Mai residential district. Having just crushed a few feelings of friends who got in the way of my screeching emotions, my pot of hot temper boiled over and I found myself getting purposefully "lost" in this great city. Right about the time I grinned at my desertion of God's intentions for me, I glanced upwards and past the high walls that were seemingly protecting me from my unwanted and safe life ahead. There it was, high above the rest and yelling at me as strong towers seem to do, the Imperial Hotel, a landmark only 1 kelo from my house. I was not lost at all. Actually, I had been led in the safest direction possible.

As I began to get mad at the irony of it all, God spoke directly to my stubborn heart as He filled me suddenly with both His peace and joy. He said, "Lauren. You can run away from my plan but it doesn't mean I have left you or given up. Like that building, I've been here the whole time with you and I always will be." He continued to speak and as I walked closer and closer to the approaching image of a building, I began to sink further and further into His refuge and love. He is the only constant I will ever know.

That day didn't end there but He continued to share with me The depth and blessing of His plans for me, along with his deep delight in who He has made me to be. As He spoke, my satisfaction in both of these grew too and my enthusiasm blossomed to radiant. The term "radical" for me means "deeply uncomfortable." This feeling is anything but misery but instead a life that seems safe and sound and is but that also ignites my heart and personality for its' magnificent purpose, to walk as "Lauren" wherever i am and in whatever I'm doing, aware that it is not only enough in his kingdom work but valuable in a way that Jesus and I may only ever understand.

Lauren! <><+

falling off my high horse


There once was a little girl who grew up too fast . . .

My story could begin like this but instead, God saw fit for my story to be revealed a different way, in living large as a child, to being trapped as a teen, and even in letting go of what was as an adult. God has continued to move me forward and as He has, my pride has been punched in the face more than once along the way.


Last Friday, that looked like a trip to the hospital, following a "could have been horrible" motorbike crash in a remote village in Thailand.

Although medicated for the pain, with my left leg wrapped like a mummy and propped up in lazy man style, I have been given much needed time to think through my life as a whole and especially into what might have left me feeling so helpless as I do this weekend.

It really all began with expectation.

This word, expectation, is a dreaded word in the AIM/World Race culture. You are warned of its' effect early on at Training Camp and then over and over again throughout the months gone by every Racer who might speak truth into your life along the way. Of course, they are speaking more specifically about the Race and the ways in which we enter a country with thoughts about how the month might turn out. It hardly ever ends the way you expected it when beginning on day 1. From food, to hosts, to the reception of the locals, and any other part of daily missionary life, we all have become accustomed to the phrase, "Watch those expectations," or, "Since when has any of this gone as expected?" The words are always met with rolled eyes but receieving hearts. Yes, none of it has for the good and sometimes the bad of it. You really do have to be fluid on this journey.

Well, my life was filled with expectations as a child. I am not writing to cast blame either, just facts. Here are a few of my childhood expectations for my life and myself:

1. Olympic Gymnast
2. Professional Dancer
3. Professional Musician & Singer
4. Grow up with perfect family unit
5. Full-time minister
6. Graduate with a Masters at a young age
7. Marry at 18 (Black American - to help with racial segragation!)
8. Double wedding with my childhood best-friend
9. Interior Designer
10. Stage make-up artist
11. Have 6 children
12. Travel the world
13. Write a book

As you can see, I had pretty high hopes for my life. Then Reality sets in. My life certainly is not over and some of these things have happened, are happening, or could still happen. All the same, some of them were expectations that God did not see fit to fulfill in my life because his plans for me were, are, and will be better than I could ever think or imagine.

It's funny to me that back in the day, I believed in myself enough to call out those dreams as doable. In a way, I desire to go back to that God given confidence. And that's a goal. On the other hand, because His plans are bigger, better, and brighter in His kingdom, a lot of his plans for me are not nearly as flashy as my own for myself. Nor do they need to be. I have always believed that I could do anything. And at the risk of soundy cheesy, I will still share my thought about this now. God can do whatever he wants in me and now, that's the satisfaction I want to find for my life. A life of love. A life of joy. A life of peace. A life of purpose.


There have been 3 moments on the Race where i made a choice to be a little bit daring, to take a bit of risk. I always have someone reminding me that my loved ones at home would like to see my face again and I of course do keep that in mind. At the same time, I long for adventure, I long to experience the risk of trying. Even if it means ending up bruised and my pride a little broken because of it. So i ask the Lord, as I lay around for days on end trying to heal my heart and body from the fall, where is the balance between expectations of my own that need not be met and a desire to test limits for the purpose of accomplishing more than the ordinary? This weekend, I found the boundary line for one of those but I am still seeking the answer for the rest.

As I came crashing down, so did my thoughts about what I could accomplish on my own. Why? I'm really not sure, they seem to be somewhat unrelated! But God used this. He's molding my heart to be soft to his touch and lenient from the presence of His loving hand. He wants me to remember that I am a child in his eyes, blameless and pure. But He also reminds me that I have warrior status and can claim the empowerment of His Spirit each day. What a welcomed tale of courage I am offered to tell with my days. Now to trust Him for the balance in me.

Here I go again :)

Lastly, there's one more piece to this pride skidding thought process . . . the way I treat others. Deon, one of our Squad Parents on the Race, spoke to us at the last debrief about Scriptures' command to love others "as you love yourself." He emphasized it so much that He even gave us the visual of wrapping our arms around ourselves in a significant move of self endearment. He is so wise. God keeps using he and our Squad Mama, Rynette, in so many ways this year. He said something profound and I must repeat it here . . .

"Do you love God? Yes, yes you do? Hm. do you love your neighbor? Yes, yes you do? Do you love yourself? Ah. Now there's the question. The Bible clearly says that you can't love God without loving your neighbor AND yourself."

Yes, you are right, Deon. Very right. Have I been loving others, myself, and God all in the way that I should? Have I given grace to others as it has been poured out on me. Have I declared myself right more times than necessary, just so that I don't remain feeling wrong? All of this and more have streamed through my thoughts as I remember the rocks being cleared from my wrecked knee and shoulder a few short days ago.

I've always loved people but have I loved them in a way that keeps human expectations at bay and God's purposes alive and built up in them? This is my aim. To walk with God because He's that personal and says that I can. To love my fellow man because Jesus did it and showed us how. To live life to the fullest, all the while realizing that it's in Christ's strength alone that we are equipped to do so vibrantly.

Wrecking that bike and my heart wasn't the worst thing in the world, I really will be fine, but it has brought to light a few areas of my heart that God wants to take hold of. And I'm okay with that.

"Here You go, God, my life and heart are Yours."


signs of heaven



The dust is rustled upwards as the sun beats down on parched lips. The children are playing some sort of ball game with bare toes and many American boys. 1 or 2 lone American females attempt to play along, sidestepping the cultural norm to be separate from the boys at all times. We are still trying to adapt to the expectations placed on the female gender around the world. Cries for attention are heard around the lot by those who can do just that, hear. The children are deaf and without the cry, the hearing people will not know they are needed for the pass, the dribble, the nearing goal. Victory is close and the cries and yelps are louder now. He misses. The boys all quiet down again and I am left with my thoughts for my coming blog. This blog. The one about the deaf children that I’ve been prepared my whole life to meet.


Sign Language was my foreign language in Highschool and I trained for over a year to be an interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing. I even learned from a man that was nearly completely deaf. However, that is not the road I walked down until I traveled around the world for my 8th month on the World Race, where I landed among a powerful people group, the deaf children of the Maharashtra Fellowship for the Deaf. 130 deaf children, gathered together to receive an education, acceptance, and the hope that Jesus’ love can give them as they are.


That’s what I love about Jesus, He doesn’t see them as especially needy humans. We are all needy humans and that’s a fact. Jesus just loves these children. As they are, He calls out to them, just as He does you and I, to receive the gift of His love and to encounter Him every day. They are the forgotten, lacking, and literally the “outcast” of this world and yet, here I find Jesus, in the midst of these children, seeking their hearts and asking them (like you and I) to trust Him for their next move.

These precious, often blue eyed, blessings, are little signs of heaven . . . .yes, pun intended.

From From

He is visibly drawing them into the blatant reality that they are valuable . . . equally as valuable, to Him as anyone else on this earth and they are in return responding with vibrant lives that go beyond words. They speak with their hands and they love with their hearts at just as quick of pace. Learning to do and to exist in a hearing world, these children find refuge in the faces of Americans/foreigners who have come to love on them in any way we can. “Loving” looks like education, sports training, Bible lessons and very active devotionals, chatting, singing with our hands, and attempting to remember every child’s sign name and our own!


Everything we did this month, as American missionaries, was not easy, simple, or even always understood but it was worth it. I would like to clarify now as to who this ministry was really for. . . us. The children, these blessed children . . . they were absolutely signs of heaven. From their devoted hearts to pray to their loving inclusion of all who crossed their path. The way that they reached out to us was a testimony of Who Jesus really is and what He can look like on an every day level. I mean don’t get me wrong, they were children so they scratched each other, got mad, and even cheated in a game or two but ultimately, the peace in their hearts shined brighter than any of the darkness of their past or the clouded uncertainty of their future. They WILL have a tough life. They WILL not be respected in their own land and by their own people but I pray that their affirmation WILL be found in the God Who created them and sees them perfect as they are.



I struggled with the thought of healing while I was at MFD. Doesn’t God want to heal these children of their deafness in the same way I’ve witnessed Him doing with other infirmities around the world this year? Why should I feel as if praying for their healing was lessoning the value of who they are now, when in other areas of the world, I have indeed done just that at Jesus’ call? Because they are in many ways, better off than I. No question in that. They are not distracted by the sounds of the world. They can focus. And they do. They are not lacking! These hard of hearing and deaf children are WANTING for more of God and more for their every day and so they live to THEIR FULLEST as we seek to rescue them from something that is actually meant to rescue us. The knowledge that we do not need anything but to be in the presence of the Lord daily and to walk out His kingdom now on earth! Love everyone. Speak truth. Serve. These things are of utmost importance. Scripture speaks of the flowers of the earth fading and says that the Word is the only thing that remains. We know also from the Bible that Jesus is said to BE the Word. He is with these children, they have claimed Him as their own and they are hungry to live for Him. And so they groan for Him in an act of worship so meaningful that grown men and women do weep.


As I leave India, I am struck by the lesson that Christ taught me through these awe filled children. Heaven is coming. But heaven can be lived out here and now by being the very signs of heaven that God has called us to be. We are the card that Jesus wants to hand out as an invitation to His eternal home. We will not one day understand the fullness of God’s love but can experience it right now wherever we are. We are not lacking. But I know that I am wanting. I am in want for all God has for me and I desire to serve Him, His strength made perfect in my weakness of the flesh. May I be a sign of heaven as I saw the children be at MFD. Speaking to them was difficult at times but always brought joy because of the commitment in communication. I was forced to be fully present and paying attention for every minute of the conversation and I really think God wants to have the same loyalty in communication between He and me! I’m so thankful to apply my month in India with the beautiful deaf children to my life in general.

“God, thank You for sending me to little signs of heaven. May I continue to be the calling card to Your presence and Your kingdom home.”

PS To watch the music video that Bryan Matthews and I made this month, click below!

(Pictures by Ashley Mueller and Ryan Otto)

Team Ignition: Catching Fire



5 months strong.
 5 months weak. 5 months more dependent on Jesus. Team Ignition has faught the good fight of faith time and time again and now I write a tribute to the 6 people I have called family and partners in crime (Literally at times! Remember? 1 week illegal in Mozambique!). 6 radical folks of character with a natural disgust for pretending people, especially followers of God, that banded together through thick and thin for the 5 best/worst months of our lives. None of us would probably say they were the best 5 months of our lives and none of us could possibly say they were the worst but when combined . . . yes, I believe we would all agree. Expectations out the window, we LOVED. each other and faught for one another with a commitment in the progression of our God given gifts and callings to the point where we are now. Exhausted. Ha! We are tired folks. The Race is not over, nope! 3 months following our current one in India to go but we know in advance that we WILL be split up and separated onto male/female teams for month 9 and with this Race’s history of team change, anything could happen from there! So here I go, a love letter, as accurate of a description as I can give, and hopefully a tribute of sorts to the team that literally ‘started” movements of God all over the world with me this year:


Daniel Whited: What a brother in the faith and in this ridiculous world we call home. He is solid and yet comforting. He is wonderful and doesn’t even know how so. He is humble and yet knows a LOT about many things. He researches but goes with the flow. And for 1 month of my Team Ignition’s existence, he made our little family of warriors for the kingdom complete. Daniel was forced (following a difficult fight for his health) to return back to the US for medical treatment. Daniel and I went from teammates on Team Aletheia to Team Leader (Me) and my “safe place.” When Daniel was leaving the jungles of Kenya and leaving our team behind for the rest of the month of remote village ministry, he looked at me and said, “Don’t cry, okay?” I took his words to heart and sucked up my tears for my brother who didn’t want to leave but had to. He was gone for 1 minute, maybe, and the tears began to fall. 4 months strong, our friendship was deep and so private tears were shed and the comforting efforts of my girls brought me to this realization . . . Daniel, a man of high convictions and deep spirited love for God and His people, would always be in my life. Daniel, wherever you are reading this today, know that you have another sister to add to your own and my life is better because we traveled the world together in 2012 for 4 months of crazy missionary living. Those ties can’t be broken J
Diane LaCour: This girl. She scared me to death when her first encounter with her new team was to cry her eyes out and seem totally rejecting of the idea of being a part of this new group that was said to be “Ready to go” on this mission for God and His love to the world. She seemed ready to “go back” and I was at a loss for about 12 hours as to how to boost her confidence in what would be. No need for me to step in though. She came to our first lunch the next day with a fresh start all over her face! She was indeed “ready to go” and was the main instigator to all of our hearts in seeking the Father of Lights for what He had in store for the 6 of us. Diane . . . she’s a little fire storm and catching her in a moment of worship or a word from the Lord, is to be set on fire by God for the things that are His! The best and closest moments to God on this entire Race have been “ignited” by Diane and her powerhouse mentality about the way God works and how we can jump in and be a part. If someone could represent fire and water at the same time, I would say it’s Diane. She is the firestorm and the title wave of God and she washes through with force when she is free in God’s Spirit. I’ve seen her overcome the wiles of satan and I’ve seen her soar on the wings of faith. Her humor has lifted me up and her clever ways have sent me often over the edge in laughter! She loves children in a way that I try not to envy and their response to her is comforting that if there was just one more person on earth that truly loves the children like Jesus did when He walked the earth, it’s Diane. She took over for me in the area of finance in month 7 and showed a completely new side to what God has gifted her in. She serves now, 2 months in, with a mind for what is just, right, and practical. Three areas that I can greatly appreciate in her every day. She is beautiful and sometimes I feel like I can’t imagine life without her. God is going to change a nation through her and it will be the simple act of walking in the faith she experienced with pennies on ceilings that allows her to be the one to do that. God sees her faith and is daily drawing it out of her . . . she will only fight as long as her spirit can cling. I think that will be forever.
Tyler Lee: Ty is my wildcard team member. He joined us on our 2nd month as a team and has proven invaluable ever since. I love what he brings to the team AND to my life personally. We have close close mutual friends and now are the same, woven together by the fabric of God’s love and plans to form a unique bond of silent knowledge of each other and smiles that say 10,000 words. Our gifting being similar and our ministry minds being much the same, makes us a duo to be contended with and I say that with much priviledge and joy! Ty has struggled these 8 months (1 month back in the US, also for medical care). He has struggled as any human in physical discomfort, and often pain, would. He has walked in faith and literally rested in faith some days as well. He has been vulnerable in his need for us, his team . . .his faith fighters . . . and then he has led. I believe every member of the team, including me, has seen Ty as a strong contender for God’s kingdom on our team, leading us into battle sometimes by example and sometimes by words. His gifting are broad and his spirit leading exotic. He loves Jesus and fights to see himself in the light of Christ. He will. One day, Tyler Lee will lead men in the way that God has called them . . .courage and abandonment, settled by complete and unabashedly brilliant love.
Charlie Nance: There. Charlie is there. Let me explain. Charlie’s a tester, a questioner of all good things. He knows what he believes or he’s figuring it out by each passing day. This is where you will find him. There. You will find him there and present because he has chosen to be. In his belief of the day, he will embrace it and be dependable in a way that everyone else wants to be but just can’t accomplish quite as well. There have been many days that I have felt the need to pray for God’s character of stability that I see every day in Charlie for myself, especially in the way that I lead. This is a man of God. He was not born into faith but acquired it by testing the Spirit of God and coming up with the fact that God is real, truth is available, and that a life without Him is useless and boring! His spirit of adventure is contagious and the way he preaches, LORD! It’s so good! Examples galore and incredible practical for your every day follower of Christ! His friendships are sure and his enemies few. Charlie’s love for children has grown on the Race and his ability to connect to our squad with names AND faces, has shown a deep love for self-improvement and God’s relational character being acquired. I will certainly miss Charlie. He became my “safe place” and he didn’t even know it. Charlie, be yourself no matter what. God has a good thing going in you.

Ashley Francis: Man, that’s my girl now. She is feisty, fun, enchanting, and my greatest iron in the last 5 months. Ashley was a gift from God, an answered prayer, and He has used her in my life to shape my character alongside the shaping of hers. She doesn’t know a stranger and creativity seeps from her pours. She loves past loss and she pushes past pain to be a conqueror in all. Her musical ability is beyond understanding and her care for the every day people is inspiring to all who know her. She is contagious and she’s not giving up. What you expect is absolutely what you get in the very best sense of that thought! She doesn’t let you down and she wants everything and everyone to be people who love to please the Lord. Half-you know what is not in her vocabulary and she gives all she has when God ingnites her heart for the things that are His in kingdom work. Life is a marathon not a sprint and so each day has adventures, even if it’s only conversational in nature. She loves to sleep but makes good use of each day. I promise that there is not a child in Africa that did not get a high five from this life-giving girl. Jesus loves her and you can tell. She has been given a spirit of truth that radiates when she speaks out. When she starts living each day as if God has given her a microphone for His voice, that is when walls all over people’s hearts will come tumbling down. He will use her and the work will be big. Get ready world. Get ready. Set. Go.
Bryan Matthews: This kid will one day know how much he has meant to me these last 5 months, I hope. I love risk. I do. God gave me a heart for the risky children and Bryan is your typical son of God that loves life, freedom, and the out of the box experience in every day. If a day is boring, Bryan is ready to move. He is only ADD in the sense that he wants what God has right now for him . . .and right now for him . . .and right now too. He wants closeness with God and to be a soldier for Him with such passionate desire that every person in a room with him can feel the shift in his spirit from ready to past ready in about 2.5 seconds! His musical ability is the perfect example of God’s love in motion. His voice, guitar notes, and even radical growl with the pressure of the note is on are 3 examples of what I love about Bryan. He is vulnerable, loving, and strong. He fights for the broken, for the lost, and for all that have no one to fight for them. We saw many travesties in our time together. I always have known that what I feel about someone down and out, is also what Bryan feels for them too. We are together, devastated and broken for what also devastates and breaks the heart of our Father God. He is a revolutionist and he has the power of influence to be a game changer for the youth of our American nation. I see it. I see him sitting on a stage in front of thousands of youth, declaring to them God’s promises through basic words, real life stories, and music that will blow their traditional brains out. He wonders about why he can’t get this life right and that’s where my heart cries, “Have patience because as God is chiseling off the rough edges of your actions, He is building in you the most passionate heart that has ever been rescued from orthodoxy.” Stay loud, Bryan. Let your walk be to the beat of God’s heart. Commune with your Father. He loves you so much.


Team Ignition: A group of creative, worshipers who drastically love God and want His best in their lives. Stubborn people who feel really blessed to be called out this year. We want His character for all the days and we desire the change in the world to begin in us. We gave what we could and loved more than we knew we would. Our worlds expanded and our hearts were crushed with every broken life made new. Messy is a word to describe our hearts at any given moment but catapulted in faith is the result of this work and unified is another that brought change wherever we went. We did ignite. We held up to our prophetic name, no doubt! God received the glory as we roughed it in the jungle, as we traversed “trash mountain,” and as we crashed with the waves of the open seas of torn up spiritualism. Nepal brought comfort like a river and India brought a few signs of heaven. Altogether we were Team Ignition and lighting the way was what we did . . . not because we were naturally proficient but because we were called, went, and walked out the best that God had for us or learned that we couldn’t do it like He can. Sometimes He lets us go and sometimes He says stop and look at yourself and your motives. Either way, we learned. We were molded by mud. God was alive in and around us and He never left us alone, even for a single second, as we became what we were sent for. Ignition. First wave. Setting the tone.

“Thank you Jesus for your work in us, through us, and around us for the last 5 months of our lives in this world of Yours! We love you and we know that you LOVED. us enough to see fit to send us as we are in effort to help us become what this world needs. Your love. Your children on fire for You.”
I’m so incredibly proud of my Team Ignition. I’m so proud of all of you. Thank you for letting me “lead” you in all the ways that you have and for trusting me in the role that AIM gave me last year. You’re all so beautiful and an incredible example of God’s diverse character. He loves authenticity. Never change, my friends. You are His hands and feet and He WILL bless you with the fruit of your labor’s harvest. Settle in His love and test His Word to recognize His voice by His Spirit in you. He is with you. Thanks for being with me every day. You have seen my weaknesses plain as day more than some ever will. You are the picture of grace, no doubt. Our time together may be ending but my love for and belief in you never will. My prayers are with you and I am here. Thanks for being 6 of the most unlikely best friends that I have ever had. Jesus revealed himself to me through you every day for 5 months and now I know that He is fiercer, more powerful, more truthful, and drastically larger than I have ever known. Thank you.


Lauren Anne Clement!<><+ (Team Leader of Team Ignition)
PS Ashley Francis and I are still in need of funding! Please donate as quickly as you can if you are called to do so. Our FINAL deadline to be fully funded is March 1st. We both feel called to stay on this Race. You can donate by clicking on the tab to the left of this post (Under my picture!) or by clicking on Ashley's link to the left and scroll down. You may be wondering why I would mention her need when I have a great one of my own?? I have been advocating for my team for 5 months straight, I'm not about to quit now! We both are called and I know there are people called to give out there also! Thank you all and God bless you where you are on your Kingdom Journey!