Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Her name is Esther


"Will you come pray for a little girl?"

As American missionaries, this request is common place. However, my response is too, or so I I think. My first thought is always, "Why me?" It feels strange to be called on as if my hands or words hold some sort of power in themselves. and then I remember half a second later that this is exactly why I am here. I have been called to be the hands, feet, and sometimes voice of God to the perishing. This call I do not deserve and that's the best part, it's not about me. This revelation is not really much of one and yet it seems to be a running theme on this race. God led me on a personal journey to leave myself behind.

In the scenario I began with, we were ushered into a room that held a nervous team, surrounding a very confident little girl. I squeezed my way into the circle and was quickly briefed on who this little girl was and why she wanted prayer from the American missionaries. 

Her name is Esther.

Esther is the youngest person in Ukraine, diagnosed with MS. Esther wants to be healed. She will soon go to Germany to have her progress in treatment tested. Because of her youth, she is ineligible for typical treatment. The hormones that she is currently being treated with have terrible side effects. Her life sentence from our earthly point of view is grim. But not from the hope filled view of sweet Esther. Not only does she want to be healed but she is seeking healing in every way she can. She truly believes that she is meant for life, despite her diagnosis of early death. 

Esther's story is so important. Not because she will change politics in her country's government or because she even desires any form of fame or fortune but because she was divinely created for a grand purpose. Her faith exceeds the prognosis of her health and her trust in God humbles my meager attempts to believe Him at His Word. She is a little girl with a passion to know God's faithfulness. She is living this passion out every day, as she lives it to the fullest. All the while, she comes boldly to the Lord of all with her request for a life that endures this trial of disease. 

I will not be the one to even claim that I know how short or long Esther's story will be but I do know that her legacy will withstand the test of time. Pass on the story of Esther and her request of God for healing. She inspires me and I pray her story gives you hope. I hear that God still performs miracles in our day and I must say that I've seen a few things that were truly unexplainable in the last 27 years of my life. I'm willing to believe that God still heals bodies like He does hearts every day and I will now pray daily for Esther to be one of these. 

Can I say that I've seen a passion for the power of God in the hearts of the believers in Him around the world, that I have not seen in the American church ever in my life. A faith that says, "He can," when I've always said, "He won't." Hm. May my eyes be opened and God's authority be super-ceding to all that I believe He is outside of the Word of God. May I stop believing man when they say, "This is what He meant," and instead, believe God at His Word. Using wisdom that He gives to those who seek her, of course, may He tear apart any theological thought that is in me, that defies His power and authority over life and death. He not only knows the future but He is sovereignly in control over it. He loved us enough to die and He brings life, here on earth and eternally, because He overcame that very thing so long ago. How much more can I say but that . . . 

God is the Healer and He is not dead.


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