Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Month 2: Ukraine


A child's smile.

A word spoken in 2 different languages so that we all understand.

A pat on the back by my supportive teammate.

The day of cool weather and rain in the midst of a very hot and muggy week. 

The long walk that allows time to talk to Jesus for more than 5 minutes.

The trip to "the forest" that opens up time for more conversation with the little one holding your hand than you would have had all day with that child, had you chosen to stay behind. 

The worship of another people group, who love Jesus too.

The cha cha slide/the chicken dance.

The rainbow painted on the wall behind the pastor's pulpit and yet another made of metal in the center of the country.

The dance of a child of God.

Pharaoh, pharaoh.

"Football" every day. 

Hot cordial.


The bright yellow tomato.

The phrase, "Very beautiful!"

Taxi drivers who say they are your good friend and that there is no need to put your seat belt on in the front seat.

Convos with flags atop your head.

14 wonderful girls, living in an unforgettable basement.

Murals on most of the walls.

Pepsi AND coffee dates.

Liquid "black chocolate"

Puppies everywhere.

Park benches by the river.

Peanut butter and chocolate snickerdoodle cookies (Yeah, I know.)

Hugs without the need for words.

Trees, planted by streams of living water.


Holy Spirit flags.

The #7 bus.

All of these will remain to me, memories that I wouldn't have missed for the world. Or . . .for the rest of the world . . . you know what I mean ;)

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