Wednesday, September 4, 2013

like a rose

Beautiful girl, so tried and so timid. Your false portrayal of confidence does not fool me. Your heart is breaking and I can see it. Please, take this rose. Take this hand written note of love. Call this number. Be rescued from the darkness in which you dwell. 

Paint your lips and keep the bar code close at hand. Know we are waiting for your cry. We want to help. We dream of your delivery. We pray for you daily. You are trapped. We know. Mentally and physically trapped. You may be older. You may be in your youth. But you can be free. You can be free. 

Jesus broke my heart for you long ago. For your suffering. For your needs. For your freedom. Let us. Please, let us. Don't run away, shy away, give up. The vans keep driving up and down and up and down. They are looking for their "girls." The ones who they have seen week after week. The girls that know their white vans and pray to be given the red rose. Like a rose, you are precious and all together lovely. You are beautiful and LOVED. so please, don't give up or give in but get out! 

(Florida Team)

(Our entire FL/AR Team)

You think that you won't be safe. We will make sure that you are. You think it won't work any other way but we promise it will. You think you will have to go back and that it will be worse but you don't have to and it can be so much better than this. Your body can be yours and your children can get out of their fearful closets. Your Papa in heaven... He sees you. I know you have trouble believing in Him because of all you've been through. And especially the thought that as a Father He could possibly be good to you but one day you will. I believe for you. And He's sending us, week after week to your neighborhood. Not to bug you. Not to cause you more pain. Not to create an issue. But to offer you the chance to be LOVED., known, and once again valued. Maybe even for the first time. Your drug addiction can't keep you down and neither can your poverty. You are worth the fight and we ask you to let us fight for you in Jesus name. He is the freedom giver and we want to be your freedom fighters. 

Make the call, get in the van. Today could be your day of freedom. Tonight could be your night of rescue. Tomorrow can be the first day of the rest of  your life. We are praying. We are here. We love you. And we want you to know why. Because Jesus paid for you with the price of His life long ago and wants you. He WANTS you. He doesn't want to USE you. He desires to love you the way He intended you to be loved.

Get in the van of safety. We will lead you to rest. We will share with you your worth. We will hold your hand and tell you of the freedom of God Who LOVED. you enough to bring you a rose and a way out. 

One girl got in the van. It happened. She chose freedom. Praise God. I will never forget her fragility. She was so much like a rose...

(This piece was written in honor of the organization Out of Darkness, connected with the Dream Center and the myMISSION fulfilled wkd event in Atlanta, GA. I was honored to be present for a rescue this past Friday night, there on the streets of Atlanta. One girl was given freedom and safety from her pimp on that night because after 1 year of building a relationship, she trusted us enough to get in the van. Amen)


Thank you for your many prayers for this past wkd's event! I gained a huge amount of insight into the anti-trafficking movement in the United States and feel better prepared for the future work the Lord will allow me to pursue in that field of justice! 


  1. Hey Lauren,
    This is Courtney from WMU. Could I get your permission to share this blog entry with the myMISSION audience? Email me back at Thank you for sharing and writing such an honest and heartfelt piece.


  2. I didn't know about this trip until Ashley indicated that she was going! It seemed like it was a great time for her!
    I'd love to look at you sometime! :)

    1. Hah! Oh, Emzy! You amaze me. I would love to partner in some way with you again in ministry! It's always a blessing! Thanks for reading!