Our Community

"Our Community provides a safe place for women ages 15 and older to unite in authentic friendship. It is a bi-monthly, local gathering of many different life stories and all kinds of current lifestyles for the purpose of building supportive relationships."

You may have followed my World Race through 16 different countries in 11 months time from Summer of '12 to Summer of '13. While traveling, late in my journey, God placed a vision on my heart... a need in my community. 

Our Community. 

This vision was to open up my home for women ages 15 and older so that they might have a safe, authentic, and open place to find support for their current page of their life story. I knew nothing more than that. 

A few weeks ago now, my wonderful mama joined forces with me to invite every adult woman we know in the Pensacola area to join us bi-monthly for a relaxed time of relationship and unhindered community. 15 women were present that first night and according to the immediate responses of the women, along with the multiple coffee dates the next week, the refreshment found that first night was not to be forgotten and wished to continue. 

The next Monday night, I opened the door to teens, ages 15 to adult. 6 young girls were present and all gave me the verbal thumbs up that this night of love, acceptance, and a little bit of truth, was exactly what they needed. 

I've told both bi-monthly groups of women... young and younger... that I have no idea where this is going but that I LOVE what has happened so far! Little did I know, month 9 of my Race that Our Community would be something to bring joy and relief to so many worn out women! I too am thrilled to share in this open and encouraging environment, following such a glorious time of close living community on the Race. 

The reality of American life is that we are busy and often neglectful of what we as women often need most... to enjoy the company of other passionate and realistic women who also face sorrows and triumphs in daily life! I intend to keep the doors of Our Community open for as long as my new and old friends desire to walk in. 

We do not claim any dissensions among this group and any female person is invited to join us! Period. This is the grace we will live in, to accept our stories, past and present, and to encourage one another to bravely face the future with love and determination... and with hands to hold. 

(First adult women's meet up)

(First teen girls' meet up)

If you or someone you know would like to join us, please click Our Community and jump in on the online fun between meet ups or email me at mystoryhisstory@gmail.com for more info and an address!!! 

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