"But Christ is faithful as a Son over God's house. And we are his house, if we hold on to our courage and the hope of which we boast" (Hebrews 3:6).

     ". . .There is nothing more powerful than watching a fearful person be transformed because she remembers to whom she belongs. We are not commanded to be brave all by ourselves. We are made courageous because of Christ in us. We trust His character. We believe His promises. We turn to Him for our hope."

The above was a portion of my devotional this morning entitled, "All things work together for good" in the book Choosing Joy by Angela Thomas. I began the year long devotional on Joy back in December and God continues to use this study to transform my heart day by day. I thought today's post was so very fitting! The word "Brave" has been a theme this week. I even told my sister, Jaami, recently that I felt brave and scared . . .all at the same time. I'm leaving my home and all of my security blankets for 11 months. 

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(Timely movie title! Haha! Saw this movie this week! Love her hair!)


11 months has seemed like a long time as I have planned and even now when saying "See ya later" to so many loved ones but really, 11 months is not that long! 11 months ago, I had just been through surgery, had moved down to Orlando and was job searching like no body's business, unsure of what the future held. God was so faithful in teaching me to depend on Him, moving home for a year of refreshment and preparation, and then to give me a vision that included going on mission for 11 months the following year. He is faithful to see us through . . .this life continues to be proven as for the good of those who love Him and for His glory. A good friend has even stated recently that after you have taken away the time it takes to sleep, eat, shower, and other random daily tasks, 11 months is more like a month and a half! Haha! That was a good word at the moment and I have used this thinking more than once recently to comfort hearts (including my own) during "See ya later" moments.

But I'm going . . . He's sending me . . .actually, God's bringing me.

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I had this epiphany today!! God is not sending me to the nations like the common phrase has me often believing, He's bringing me to the nations that He already indwells! Just because I don't live there, doesn' t mean that God has yet to find a home there either! hah! No way! God is omni-present and for that I am thankful! If you have feared for me in this journey for freedom around the world, DON'T ANY LONGER!! God is already waiting for me on the otherside AND He's going with me along the way! The book of Acts speaks about the power of the Holy Spirit having come upon the believer . . .God also said in Hebrews that He will never leave me nor forsake me! Don't worry friends and family, concerned ones, I do not go alone, nor will I be alone. He is really just bringing me into the work He is already doing.

I'm going to be His hands and His feet and I love that!

Thank you for funding me this far . . .really, I am grateful beyond words. As I type, I am teary, even though the funding work is not over! Actually, now that my gear is bought, along with my insurance, immunizations, and plane fare to launch, my account for the year is about half way to funded! there are checks being processed at the moment that leaves me unclear as to an exact amount but I'll give you the broad estimate and that is that I'm sitting between $7-8 thousand!!! WOW! Look what God is doing through you!!! I can't wait to see the financial miracles that are coming in the next 3 days before I launch on my World Race! He's going to do incredible things, as never imagined, through you in this "last minute."

My heart for the nations has grown even stronger these last few weeks, as the time has drawn near. Creating my WR video with Sheldon was a big part of that. I think of the people that God loves so dearly, that in their suffering, I will be able to go to and offer help and hope . . .my heart is racing, my smile broadening, and my arms opening for the opportunity to share with them life and love. I am so not in the realm of perfect and I don't ever want it to sound as if I am going to offer something of myself or something that I have gained on my own but by the grace of God, I go to tell my story and to bring peace to weary hearts. This I know because I  personally have known captivity and anxiety to face the day. We all have, we all are called. 

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I think of Joseph today and His story . . .I think of Ruth and her story . . .I think of Rehab and her story . . .I think of Paul and His story . . .I think of Esther and her story . . .I think of Corrie Ten Boom and her story . . .I think of Anne Frank and her story . . .I think of Lottie Moon and her story . . .of Hudson Taylor and his story . . .of R A Torrey and his story . . .of Nate Saint, The Elliots, and their stories . . .

God has been writing stories since "In the beginning" and He continues to write yours and mine today. The people noted above, real people from the past . . .their stories are significant, not because they are any more unique, special, and/or worthy than you or I but because they gave it all for the sake of Christ and therefore others and/or overcame tribulation with unwavering faith. My heart is not to have my name placed in this line but to be willing to make the same sacrifice and to embrace the same blessing as those whose' names are there. 

God is bringing me to the nations for the next 11 months, no matter how long or short the time frame seems, no matter what sacrifices have to be made, no matter how I feel about it (although I am BEYOND THRILLED!) . . .He's bringing me with Him and I can honestly say that there is NO PLACE that I would rather be than with Him and in the center of His will. I can be brave. I will be brave. I am a Christian by choice.and a missionary by calling. Body's are broken and souls are starving around the world and I have the right as a daughter of the most high God to serve my fellow man by offering physical and spiritual help for those crying out . . . and they are crying out. 

. . .so I go. I'm ready.

If you would like to help with my World Race in any way, I ask you to please do so! You are "going" on mission with me every time you support me in prayer, tell my story/WR story, give financially, and or donate to/serve at my fundraisers! Some are called to travel, some are called to stay where they are, but all are called to "go." You too. If you are reading my blog post and do not know Jesus Christ as Savior of your life, please contact me and I'd love to talk with you about His love and also this mission and about how meeting people's physical needs are at the forefront of my heart as I share the love of God that I know so personally by His grace. I never want anyone to be unclear on my mission this next year and about what they are helping to fund. This is not vacation, this is service. You may or may not understand why I'm going but I can imagine that we all can agree that the world needs lifechanging help and I intend to do my best to offer what I have been offered. 

I have freely been given, and so I now choose to freely give (Matt 10). 

If you are local to Pcola or within driving distance, or really just want a beach vacation this weekend and want to fly in . . .

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THIS Friday at In His Steps Dance Studio on Pensacola Blvd, my sister Tori and many others are hosting a BIG Fundraiser for me, which will include, food, live music, and dancing . . .along with an auction, raffle, photobooth and more. Please come. $7 at the door with of course more opportunities to give throughout the night. God has been planning this event in our hearts since I was accepted to go on my World Race and so I am stoked to see how God plans to ignite hearts for this world mission this Friday!!! It's finally here!!