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So I Go

I will travel to 11 countries in 11 months with little more than a backpack . . .and you will go with me:

Dear family and friends,

For the past 9 months, I have felt led to travel overseas. I have felt very strongly that this time I will be gone longer than ever before. My prayer has been that God would reveal His trip for me in His time, and He has done just that. As I have turned down opportunity after opportunity to be a part of overseas missions, I have known that His peace would come when I was directed to the right trip for my story.  
About 4 months ago, I came across The World Race. The World Race is a branch of a larger organization called Adventures In Missions, or AIM. Let me give you an overview of the ministry. . .  
World Race = 11 countries in 11 months!  
~ A LOT of traveling 
~ Ministering in shelters (for families, women, and orphans) 
~ Construction work 
~ Ministering to AIDS victims 
~ Ministering to victims of human trafficking  
My heart for the latter two ministries has grown so much in the last year through different opportunities I have had to experience heightened awareness and now I am able to act! Hallelujah!   
I will be prepared for this trip by traveling to a World Race training camp for 8 days this May. There, we will learn a lot about survival in any location along with the mental, emotional, and spiritual lessons needed to thrive for 11 months away from everything familiar.  
The World Race sends 9 squads around the world each year. Each trip is called a "Route" and the one I am looking to be a part of begins in July 2012 - this coming July! I have chosen this route because I feel led to it specifically! We will cover many portions of the earth. In the Route that I have prayed over and chosen, we will be traveling to . . .
Please begin to pray with me immediately over these specific countries that I hope to travel to. 
Please consider partnering with me in this phenomenal opportunity to show the world it is LOVED. (unconditionally) by God. We will use humanitarian efforts to share the Gospel and I hope to tell "My story, His story" (my personal blog title: wherever I go. There are, of course, two ways to partner with me and I hope you will prayerfully consider both:  
1. Prayer Support - I need a team of 15 to specifically commit to pray for me - now and throughout my Route - but I obviously cherish the prayers of anyone willing to add me to their daily prayer list.  Let me know if you are someone feeling called to be 1 of the 15.
2. Financial Support - The trip itself is $15,500 which includes all travel and ground costs (food and lodging!). Immunizations, travel gear, and any costs associated with my year away from the states (Insurance and such) will be an additional calculated amount. It will be a large bill in all, but I believe that it is no bill if it's God's will! Amen?! Monthly offerings and/or one time contributions are both appreciated! (Please jump to bottom to see how to donate financially right now!) 
I am so excited to see whose hearts God will touch for this ministry, allowing them the time and resources to give to this work. I feel unworthy and blessed to be able to GO, just as Scripture commands us to. I will miss family, friends, Revealed Ministries and so much more, but if His story is to be told to the world and victims of all kinds of terror are to be rescued, I myself must be willing to let go of my world and travel into God's.   
Are you able to pray/pay? Please let me know! Email me at and stay connected on my Facebook group, Go "LO" Go at!/groups/189937804424885/. I will be happy to keep you up to date as this chapter of my story is written. Keep in touch and PLEASE feel free to share prayer requests with me as well. It seems I will have time to pray wherever I go!
Lauren Anne Clement

1. Mail your tax-deductible contribution to:
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The World Race (Please include the world racer's full name- Lauren Anne Clement)  
2. Online tax-deductible payment via my World Race blog: 
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4. Donate via my personal blog: 
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