Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mid-week Mission: FREEDOM!! (Part 2)


FREEDOM isn’t free and as we were reminded yesterday (Memorial Day), our physical freedom to live in the USA was bought with a price. Because of the personal sacrifice on the part of our service men and women of the past, present and future, you and I may live our lives in the freedom that blood spilt offers.

Christ spilt His blood for me . . . willingly.

So often I forget that the greatest price has already been paid.

     Believing Christ as my Savior was the best decision I ever made. That decision was made so long ago . . .21 years ago, in fact . . . that I must be reminded time and time again that my salvation and even joy on this earth has been brought about and is sustainable by nothing of myself. I can do nothing on my own. And because of this FACT . . .

I am free

     Freedom was given to me on a whole new level while preparing for my quickly approaching journey at the World Race Training Camp this past week, in the GA hills.

     I found myself lost, truly. Not without a map though. God’s Word shown light on areas of my life that I still had yet to let go, even 21 years into my faith. Grief was needed to be spent at the foot of my Savior’s cross where He so willingly gave all He had for my freedom. Realization for my limitations and the acknowledgement that my God is so much bigger than I ever allow myself to believe Him to be, were both added to the list of lessons I would take away from Training Camp. All of this and more . . .

     I awoke each morning at the crack of dawn with the rest of my District H family (The 54+ people I will spend the next 11 months traveling the world with . . .wow, what a privilege) and we traversed an area of life that many of us had only teased ourselves with for the last few years of adulthood, exercise. Becoming physically fit was important during our training, no doubt, but it only scratched the surface of the preparation we would encounter in those riveting 8 days.


     Team building exercises and initiatives were a welcomed part of the week as I too attempted to analyze (with the AIM staff) who and who would not make a good team of 6 or 7 to travel as a family with . . . not my job but I couldn’t help myself! Hahah! At one point, I had been “muted” and asked God to show me what other gifts I had to offer my team in the form of “leadership.” Boy did He show me.

     That was not the only time I was “muted” last week . . . time and time again, I was “muted” as my infirmity to stretch and grow through . . . just a guess but I’m thinkingGod had a major plan in that!  By the second Saturday, God had wrecked my “idea” of leadership. He taught me what it means to be a leader in spirit and not in voice. God is already using this lesson. It’s a struggle . . . possibly, a beautiful disaster.


     I needed help while at TC (I will abbreviate from here out!). Yes, help. I HATE help. God wanted me to learn yet another lesson. My foot became infected and instead of asking for help, I cleaned it as best as I was able and kept plodding along through my days. Yeeaaah, bad idea. One of my friends finally helped me get help and with the aid of AIM staff, my entire Squad, and God’s humility, I was helped. My foot was actually prayed over by my new 55 member family and my excruciating pain . . . vanished. My foot is now healing nicely and I have learned that help will be greatly appreciated in lands covered in disease. Yes, I get it. Team.

     I also experienced being knocked out by a Nalgene Water Bottle . . .yes, laughter is quite appropriate here, along with a gasp! My dear friend swung his Nalgene in a moment that could only be explained as a FREAK ACCIDENT and collided with my head. Not as hard as I thought? Apparently, I stated, “It’s okay, that was not your fault,” before falling to the floor in a heap. Oh mercy, always looking out ;) Yeah, another opportunity for me to experience the help of a loving AIM staff and H squad. People prayed, ran to get sustenance, and guided me through my thoughts until a minor concussion was announced and I was sent on my way for a restful evening with my team. Just in case I hadn’t gotten the lesson the first time, God decided for it to beknocked into me!


     I would not call myself charismatic by any means but I have found myself to be more “Spirit led” in my lifetime than one would imagine because of my story. Still, I was OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE AT CAMP. This was perfect. The Lord is allowing me to re-assess my theological views for the purpose of being sure because I’m sure and not because I’ve been told to be. I love being a student of God’s Word and I have been challenged to dig into God’s Spiritual Gifts offered to the believer. My heart has opened to what God has for my faith and I’m excited! Excited to make certain my own heart in the matter, based on God’s Word.

I’m pretty messy, you know? Well, don’t answer that! Haha.

I am.

     God’s doing a new work in me. One that is not defined by anyone’s opinion of my "emotion/passion/intensity" but instead based solely on His willed purpose for who I am meant to be because of Him. I have truly found freedom :)


     Freedom to live, breathe, make mistakes, own up to my heart-ache, and to treat others exactly how God calls me to. Blessings abound in my heart now because I am realizing who I am in Christ: A servant of the most high that has been honored with a specific title, daughter. Wow. Daughter.


     Did we camp? Heck yes, we camped! Camped all over that place! Alone, in pairs, in groups of 10 or more, as a squad, and in a school bus. I won’t give away all things TCbut I will say that we were tested time and time again and I am more proud of Squad H than I can express. God’s love shown and it makes me teary. Thank you all for being such amazing Brothers and Sisters and always know that I have your back like I know you have mine, for real my loves! Let’s do this! We did survive, we will survive, and we’ll set this world on FIAH, we can burn brightah . . .haha, okay, you get the point ;)

     Training Camp was dirty, hard core, pressing, uncomfortable, relieving, beautiful, peaceful, and altogether ugly at times but more than anything, it was exactly what God wanted. I’m ready, y’all (Or as ready as I'll ever be!). I’m ready to run this race. I’m HONORED to run this race. Thank you for letting me accept this call by your continued financial support and thank you for your prayers most of all, I am messy and need your help . . .God said so :)

“. . . so I go”



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