Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful November: remaining thankful

Dear readers . . .

The last few days have led me to this post. Thankfulness, as a state of mind. A lifestyle of gratitude. I know not much of this but all of its' beauty I wish to intake and therefore portray. I like to think about the way that something framed and hanging on a wall coerces us to view it over and over again, for the hundredth time in a day and not grow weary of its' image. However, many things in this life become hum drum and even wearisome. What is the difference? Why do we dig back in our memories, while flipping through a photo album many times a year . . . where is our vigor to repeat our daily routines with nostalgia and gratefulness? Where does the mystery lie? In the designation of splendor, I do believe.

A framed wall hanging has been designated "Special" . . . worthy of our glance or even stare.

Every day is an opportunity to glance . . . stare . . . at God's handiwork in our lives. And to be grateful. His message to us in the business is to pass not by a day without remaining thankful for all it holds. Have we not become stronger because of the burdens we once carried? Do we not know more now that we have lost sight, wandered for a while, and yet returned? Can we now love more because of the losses we have hated to remember? This is a gift.

This day, the last day in November, 2011 . . . this Wednesday, is a gift. I am thankful for Monday's New Mercies, Tuesday's mini muffins, and Wednesday's lessons learned. But mostly, as I close this months' blog theme, I am ever so thankful that I have the deep need to remain thankful all year long. It's for my health, spiritual, mental, emotional, and even physical. It's for my joy. That it might be full. It's for my focus. That it might remain on things above. And it's for my love. That it might be far reaching and unconditional because of Christ and the blessings from His sacrifice.

I want to be thankful for one more specific thing before I close out this post.

I am grateful this Thankful November, for my mama.

Lynne Clement has been my mother for over 27 years (including womb time, lol) and this time of year, long ago, she was wishing that I would make my exit out into the world. Little did she know that I would be a total o 3 1/2 weeks late. Phew! I started my life giving my mother heck. haha! I have tried my best not to continue. She loves God. She loves her daughters. She loves people as family. She inspires, desires, presses through, and makes the best of everything. God made her solid and yet lovely. She never gives up. Thank you mama for your love and support, yes. But mainly . . .thank you, mama, for being you. You are LOVED.!

Proverbs 31:18 "Her children rise up, and call her blessed..."

If my mother has impacted your life in some way . . . send her a note, a message, an e-mail, or give her a call. She's done so much for so many . . .I encourage you to encourage her! She would never ask for it. That is why I do :)

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