Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 more days of Thankful November

To backtrack . . . I have 5 specific things to be grateful for this Thankful November:

1. Patience.

     We joke around a lot about praying for patience and how that's like a superstitious jinks or something. Well, I have yet to pray that prayer and yet opportunities to be an example of God's patient spirit have presented themselves daily during Thankful November. Have I succeeded every time, DEFINITELY not. BUT GOD in His grace has given me yet another chance to try.

     Having said that, I believe I have needed those around me to display an unusually great amount of patience with me this month as well! It's kind of becoming a theme. One that I hope won't continue into Merry December :) 

2. Hang out time 

     I have been especially grateful the last few days for precious "hang out" time spent with special people in my life. I have a feeling that as the holidays approach, I will experience this gratitude over and over. My love language is unquestionably "Quality Time" and nothing fills my "love tank" like a good heartfelt chat with a little laughter . . . okay, a LOT of laughter :) 

3. Blockbuster 

     For one reason, because Thanksgiving/Christmas movies just warm my heart! Favorite one recently . . . "An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving" (Little Women"esc"). Sitting around a heartfelt, family friendly, holiday movie really brings folks together.

     For reason number two . . . Well, some of you will know and most will have to just wonder ;) 

4. Space savers 

     As I helped Tori and Justin pack last night (until the wee hours of the morning), I could not have been more grateful for anything than I was of those nifty space saver bags! I had a great time (deliriously of course) sitting on them until they had as little air as possible left in them. What an awesome packing tool! Wish I had owned some of those this summer when I moved my entire life from Orlando to Pensacola in one trip . . . Props to the Elantra Touring . . . Aka MOSES!!

5. The knowledge that I will see you again 

     I am grateful for this very specific thing because I know that as surely as the miles shall separate me from those I love as time progresses . . . I am confident that one day, here or there, earth or heaven, I have the promise of seeing my brothers and sisters in Christ again. PTL! Saying "see ya later" doesn't feel like loss when I build that feeling on the truth that is God's Word and the proof that is in the pudding :)

As I continue to show thanks this month, please feel free to comment and tell me what you are thankful for . . . Even that very day!  


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