Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful November: LIFE - LOVE - FAMILY

Thankful November - Days 4, 5, & 6:


Over the past three days, there has been a great deal of sorrow, mixed with celebration. Quite the emotional roller-coaster! Thankfully, my dizziness is almost completely gone. Praise the Lord! With that gratefulness proclaimed, my dear Mrs. Sue's death was soon followed by hard work in preparing my company dancers for their first performance of the year at the Pensacola Arts Festival. In the midst of the hours spent in this manner, my brother in law earned his wings as a Naval Aviation Pilot! Woot woot! His family flew in and together with mine, we celebrated his great achievement with much merriment! Friday was followed by Saturday, the day of the performance, and it went incredibly! Yet ANOTHER celebration! Blessings abound.

As the performance ended and congratulations had been spoken, I ran (literally) to my car and zoomed off to pack for my trip out of town. I arrived for Mrs. Sue's funeral only 15 minutes early and realized that I might need help to progress to the door. All of the distractions had accomplished something great, to keep my mind from the realization of what I was about to experience until I arrived at the church's front door. Two friends helped me in, one to quickly follow and with arms wrapped around and sincere grief, combined with gratitude, we wept. Silent weeping that was gut wrenching but phenomenally pure and easing of my troubled spirit. We were all in one accord. What a great and godly lady. Though tears abound, a celebration was extended for all present. We expressed our love from the pulpit and the pew, all in our own little ways.

The funeral came to a close, along with the need to weep. I was thankful. My best friend ushered me to her car and we went and did something I hadn't felt as if I would be able to do for weeks . . . we ate. A calzone, somehow, was the perfect solace to the ache of my weary body. A few cokes later and we were off for the last portion of saying goodbye. Thanks to my dear friend Keri, I was able to walk the path to the counseling room that changed my life forever almost five years ago and truly say "see ya later" in my heart. I had to see the place where it all started, where the relationship began. Amen.

I was soon greeted by a face I had not seen in years, my old friend K-Ross! We laughed, hugged, and then she said she had to go get a coat because she was freezing . . . some things never change. Hm. I like that. The rest of the evening was truly grand in many ways. I receive so much joy from watching others accomplish new things . . . I can't really express it other than to say that I simply cannot keep from smiling ear to ear, while watching. Beauty abounds. The show choir at my old college performed last night and watching my friends and even my "kids" from last semester sing, dance, and stretch themselves in confidence . . . ooh! It just gives me chills! I was especially proud of my dear Amber. She has come out of so much and has become so much and more :) My lovely friend Faith was a hoot to watch and again I was reminded how truly gifted/talented my friends are. My night ended late with a great time of dancing and laughter with a few friends, new and old.

Today I don't feel very well, a little troubled, a little morose, and even a little yucky. BUT GOD is so real to me in this moment. Heaven has become a legitimate place in my mind as never before. Family and friends . . . well, they're just a gift. Hugs. Hugs abound. Sometimes we lose family. Sometimes we lose friends. Whether through death or just life. It happens. How shall we live from that moment. Succumbed by our sorrow? Drowning in our anxiety? Or do we Move Forward. Love generously. Celebrate life. Remain grateful for the bond of family. I choose these.

My sister, a life-long best friend, is moving away with her husband this coming weekend. He is being stationed in VA and it feels very far away. I knew we would all grow up and I also knew in my heart of hearts that none of us would remain all that close in proximity BUT GOD is our rock, our refuge and strength and He is the greatest tie that binds. LOVE abounds. I will miss my sister as I have and will miss my others when we are apart. This week we will pack, love, hug, cry a little, rejoice for the time we have been given, and then Move Forward. This is the theme of 2011, no doubt.  

I won't write this long of a post for each day of this month but today I wanted to sum up a very important combination of grateful feelings within the story of my weekend. GRACE abounds.  

This November I am THANKFUL for LIFE, LOVE, and FAMILY . . . Among so many other things :)


  1. That line about K-Ross needing to get a jacket....I totally heard her voice say that when I read it! So funny!

    Love you roomie.

  2. Hilarious, huh? Such a perfect ending to those sad hours . . . kinda brought back some normality to life! Thanks for reading!