Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful November: Days 20-27 (Phew, what a week!)

Day 20: Peg Leg Petes
One of my favorite restaurants of all time is our Pensacola classic, Peg Leg Petes! If you LOVE seafood but have a lot of folks around you regularly that don't care for it, the restaurant of choice is rarely seafood . . . you pretty much go with the majority, you know? Therefore, I never eat seafood, one of my favorites!!

When Jaami and Tato come to town, we eat seafood :)

Now, I'm very grateful for Jaami and Tato, don't get me wrong but on Sunday, I was super grateful for Peg Leg Petes (The restaurant, not the man. Although, if the man originally was responsible for opening the restaurant than I'm grateful for him as well). One of the reasons is the actual food. It's delish!
My lunch: Raw oysters! Tabasco sauce, on a cracker, and with the coctail and horsradish mixed together to top it off . . . oh yeah :))) Grouper nuggets and old fashioned french fries, along with about 15 coke refills, lol, I was good to go!
Another reason is because it now holds a heap of good memories. Just knowing you're going there will put you in a good mood! Large enough booths to hold the lot of us and if we need two booths . . . great! The more the merrier!

(Laps in writing) . . .

Days 21-27 are quite a blur as I look back but I will attempt to be clearly heartfelt . . . each day deserved its' own exclamation of gratefulness. No doubt. Best week ever :)

This past week left me thankful for . . .

Consistent work, the sharing of lives, the provision of food, dining together, creativity, pinterest, & working together to achieve something incredible, the marriage union, and Moses (my car that took me to Jax & back in one days' time!).

At this time, I will journal a bit instead of making lists. It works better with my Monday morning heart. Also, this is a good time to say that I most likely will never do a monthly theme that must be posted about every day. It stresses me out! I am not a fan of having a required post in my blog every day, especially subject to a theme. It limits my creative or inspired capabilities and it only becomes humdrum to my senses. Lesson learned! Haha!

My heart has been filled to over-flowing because of the happenings of this last week! "Happenings" would include tasks, events, conversations, and the presence of people I love in close proximity.

My 4 sisters and I CHERISH our time together. For many years, we were deprived of this joy and now I feel the need (as do they I'm sure) to cram as much of it into a holiday week as possible! We would of course love to enjoy more time together throughout the year but living in separate locations and building separate lives in the directions of our individual giftings and purposes in this world, does not allow us that luxury. Time and monetary needs for the capability of such moments more often, are just not available for our convenience. So we make the most of every second we get. I know I do. Every minute must be made to feel like an hour and having an entire week almost was more than I could have dreamed for. Tori was a little late on the arrival, as she pursued her new adventure in VA but as soon as I saw her face down the airport tunnel . . . I felt as if our world was being made right. Though brief still, Thanksgiving 2011 was as perfect at this world produces. People disagreed, made plans without notice, arrived late to functions, and even squabbled at the Thanksgiving table (I'm human, okay?!!) . . . and in each of those times I was reminded that we are a family. An imperfect unit designed by God for His glory. I believe that in our efforts to be grateful this year, we were able to lift Him up in a way that left Him smiling at our human antics. I know He's a fan of LMFAO and certainly not because of the acronym. haha. But because of the way it has brought the Clement 5 (plus Nila Blue!) together to make memories that will last until we can no longer "Wop," "Wobble," or "Shuffle."

We pray that day never comes :)

I am so grateful for my bro in-laws! They are wonderful and the three of them added so much to our Thanksgiving this year. Actually, they just add a lot to our family in general. I wouldn't want to go back to all girls, the boys add the perfect balance to our mostly feminine presence. Thanks to the boys . . . you are LOVED..

Another holiday with Maw maw was precious. She even said so as we told what we were thankful for around the "Family Time" table! She said that she was thankful to spend another year with us, being thankful. We all heartily agreed. She's been through a lot this year and we all recognize the limit of her life more than we ever have. Blessings I pray for Maw maw . . . may she live in our Lord's care and may she see another thankful year! 93, here she comes!!

My Mimi traveled all the way from St. Pete (driving!) to spend Thanskgiving week with us! It was such an awesome time spent with her . . . mostly the chatting and the many hugs! She is a wildwoman and I love it! By "wild" I mean that she is different. I like different. For example . . . the server at Peg Legs was stressed to the max and stressing us out too. She stopped him, clapped her hands together and told him to take 3 deep breaths (in the most gracious, southern bell voice I've ever heard from her mouth!). He did. The whole meal turned around :)

My mom. Wow. What is there really to say. She is awesome! I may need to spend one of my last Thankful November days, strictly on the presentation of my deep spirit of gratefulness for her.  . . I think I will. Love you mom, you rocked this last week! I could see it in your eyes . . . the love for your daughters and son in-laws, grand-babies and life/people in general. What a fabulous example of God's grace you are to all men. Blessed and thankful.

Well, I could go on but I won't. I need to post about World Race and there are still a couple of days to go until Thankful November comes to a close. Only a couple! Praise the Lord for His continued presence and faithfulness to His children!

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