Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful November: Days 7, 8, & 9

Okay, so it's obvious that I stink at keeping up with a blog every day :)

On day 7 I was thankful for: Faith

Yes, I have a friend named "Faith" and she is awesome. But she reminded me of the "Faith" I have in Christ to do His work, in all situations. He never grows weary as Isaiah tells us and I'm very, very grateful for that this November.

On day 8 I was thankful for: New beginnings

Big ones, like my move away from college and even more so when I moved home to Pensacola but also for the ways in which we have the option to begin anew each and every day. I am especially grateful that even though a single day may begin in a rough way, God gives me the opportunity to turn to Him in my frustration, regroup and be refreshed in His goodness to finish the day out. Thankful am I for new beginnings, however big or small.

Today, day 9, I am thankful for: My new Nephew

My sister Jaami and brother in-law Tato, announced that their baby is a little BOY . . . yes, you read that right! We will actually have a little boy in our family very soon :) What a precious miracle. Girl or boy we would have been thrilled (we've grown kind of fond of the female gender) but a boy is something new for all of us to grasp. I can already just imagine how spoiled this young man will be . . . and rightly so. Now I have the coolest niece in the world and a baby nephew that I couldn't love more :)

Thankful November is off to an eventful start . . . I can't imagine the awesome things that will happen throughout this month. I remain grateful.

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