Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful November: Days 17 & 18

My heart is FILLED with thankfulness this evening!

Day 17: Surprises

     Have I ever expressed my great enthusiasm over surprises on "My story, His story" before? I don't think I have! Either way, let me now say to you . . . I LOVE SURPRISES!! Surprises have sparked some of my favorite memories from my childhood, teen, and young adult life! God has a way of speaking a little bit of His love for me via surprises. It's hard to explain but I'll try.

A surprise feels like a whisper in my ear.

     The whisper is sudden, loving, and filled with enthusiasm! The whisper is really a loud cry from loved ones in a darkened room, a gift left unattended on my front step, a message in my inbox of uncertain expression . . . something unexpected. Something divine. An act of love from the Father of lights, through His people, and into the well spring of my soul. Have I mentioned that I love surprises? lol.

Day 18: Grandmothers

(Top: Maw maw . . . Bottom: Mimi)

     One of my grandmothers arrived in town tonight from her home in St. Petersburg. Hence the recognition of such gratefulness. Her name . . . at least to me, is "Mimi." Her actual name, Lois Anne Carr, is very similar to my own and often she has referred to me as, "Little LA." I always enjoy this spoken expression of her care and even pride over my presence in her lineage.

     My other grandmother, "Maw maw" or Gera Maxine Blalock, is my hometown hero. She lives and ages in Pensacola, where I currently reside. How precious she is. She is the epitome of a "Matriarch" and could never see a beggar continue to beg.

     My grandmothers are both "Southern Ladies" and know how to make someone feel welcome and comfortable into their home or even  presence. Both of my grandmothers are hilarious. Each in their own way of course. My "Mimi" is lovely, quirky, and all together fabulous! My "Maw maw" is gracious, giving, and retains an heir of elegance, even at 92. Blessed am I to follow the footsteps of such women of valour. A terrific heritage. I am grateful.

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