Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mid-week Mission: 92 Days!

 92 days until July 1st
July 1st is when the greatest/scariest/most exciting journey of my life starts!
July 1st is when I leave this country in the rear view mirror for 11 months.
July 1st is when I press forward to Ireland, Ukraine, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Malaysia, and a yet to be determined county in Asia.
July 1st is when I have to have $6500 in my support account!.

You have supported me to the tune of $2,000.00 (Some of which has/will be used for Race prep) as of right now! Its incredible and every time I check my account and see a new supporter it blesses my heart and really encourages me that so many believe in what God will do through me and the mission God is sending me on!

The difference between the $2,000.00 you've given thus far and the $6,500 I need in 92 days is $5,000.00 (INCLUDING financial room for my immunizations and such)!. If you take the $5,000.00 and divide it by 92days you get $54.35 a day for the next 92 days to get me to my deadline!

Ok, that’s a lot of numbers. Here is the big point! $54.35 a day for the next 92 days will get me to my deadline

Will you consider being one of those $54. partners?

Maybe cover 2 days for $108.70
4 days for $217.40
or a week for $380.45

$54.35 is about the cost of a meal for 2 1/2 at a nicer sit down casual restaurant. It may not seem like a lot but your $54.35 could be the difference between me leaving this July or not! Let God use you in this way if you can!

I’ve received so many kind/encouraging words this past week . . . I cant even explain it! I had the opportunity to share at my Church's youth group this past Wednesday about what God is doing through The World Race and how I’m going to be involved. A few gave money on the spot or bought T-shirts (You can too!)! A few expressed how they had been praying for me and asked how they can continue to pray for me, and most just had nothing but kind words to say. Again this happened with perfect strangers at our Revealed Ministries event on Friday night. In all, I have experienced a LOT of giving in the last week and can never express to you how special it is to receive knowing it will all be used for God's glory! Humbles me every time. Thank you all once again.

To give online right now click this link:

Please also consider a reoccurring monthly donation of any amount!!! It helps so MUCH!!! Click the link above to give monthly!!!


"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path." - Proverbs 3:5-6

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