Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WEDNESDAY = Mid-week Mission!

My joy is full! I have continued to receive multiple checks for the $11 amount I asked for last month! THANK YOU! Every little bit helps! I've especially been blessed that those who have little (College students, working hard to make it through school AND other "missionaries") have given what they can! Reminds me of the sweet little lady from the Bible that gave all she had in her humility. Amen!

Mid-week Mission is all about taking a moment mid-stride and focusing on ONE specific fundraising effort for my World Race.

This week I will ask you to do something EXTREMELY specific. PRAY/THINK about what group of people you KNOW or are CONNECTED with that could bring me in to speak with them. . .who is it that I could share my World Race story with in your life, that would be blessed by it and thankful for me to be there? I can think of a few examples:

1. Church congregations (As a whole)
2. Sunday School classes (Individually)
3. Choirs
4. Youth groups
5. WMU/Women's groups 4. Business partners
6. Office workers
7. Classmates
8. Families (even extended!)
9. Book clubs
10. Dance teams/groups

I'm sure I'm leaving out a few! I will be in the Graceville, Chipley, Dothan, Marianna area of FL/AL for a couple of weekends coming up, including THIS wkd! If YOU have a group you would like me to speak with and you live in this area, PLEASE comment below and/or message me on FB . . . call me!!: (850) 703-0101

If you live in the Pcola area, I will be returning to the area at the beginning of April and would be THRILLED to share here locally (obviously the most convenient)!!

If you live outside of either of these areas and you think it would be to my race's benefit to travel to share with your group, don't be afraid to ask!
I have a powerpoint and a LOT of passion to share!

God has directly spoken to my heart about this method of fundraising and I believe He is going to use YOU, my friends, family, and strangers to bring about support of all kinds! CAN YOU IMAGINE the amount of prayers that will be lifted up for my race . . .and therefore the World because of you allowing me to share with your group? BE BOLD! Ask around and contact me :)

I look forward to hearing from you!


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