Sunday, March 11, 2012


Dear friends and family,

Today I will sail away on a Cruise liner out of Jacksonville!! Destination: Bahamas & Key West!!

No, I'm not spending all of your support money! Haha! I have the honor of chaperoning a (Seniors only) youth trip for my dear First Baptist Church Chipley family!


For those of you who do not know me or know me not well, I have a hard time relaxing. A really hard time not living every moment to the fullest! Sadly, even at my own demise at times; therefore, I am BEYOND thankful for the forced opportunity to do just that! God calls us to rest, Ecclesiastes says there's a time for that and apparently, this is my time.

I will not deny that I feel incredibly selfish for cruising away while others more deserving of this treat, stay on dry land. Please do not count me cocky in this! The Lord has a plan in taking me away, He always does ;)

My biggest concern at the moment is that I will have to put my fundraising on pause while I am away (I am active in it every. single. day.). God showed me this evening that He is in charge of this World Race fundraising, not meand therefore, He can do it with or without me on dry land!

I wanted to let my readers know (Some of  you are SO FAITHFUL and I'm SO GRATEFUL!) that I will be out of touch until Sunday at least, if not until next Monday's "Moving Forward" post. I am going to share the ways you may help while I'm gone right here on this post. Thank you for knowing that my heart is not to desert this mission. It is to prolong my ownendurance in it, while serving a good cause, my precious youth from Chipley, FL that I love so dearly.

Pray for sunshine!! I'll post pics when I return so look for that!

Ways you may support my WR while I am away:

1. PRAY! I believe in the power of prayer and I ask you to utilize that area of giving for my World Race, daily even! 

2. ORDER T-SHIRTS! Click this link:

3. Donate directly to my Adventures In Missions account:

4. Send check to:

5. Join my "Go LO Go" group on FB and spread the word by inviting others:

6. Share all of my links (Blog, T-shirts, & "Go LO Go" on FB, through E-mail, and by word of mouth!!

7. Speak to your church staff about having me come as a guest missionary speaker to any group (SS, congregation, youth, life/connect group)



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