I want to Move Forward into this week by passing on my heart's cry to you, my incredible supporters (aka my friends, family, and perfect strangers!) . . .


From the bottom of my heart, thank you! You have blown me away with your giving, prayer support, and spreading of this mission! You have gone above and beyond already and although we are only slightly over halfway to my next goal of $3,500 . . .I am fully confident that God is working this all out in His timing!

I have seen my God in you.

The youth I spoke to . . .the Revealed event that hosted a table to support my mission . . .the individual donors who have given all they possibly can . . . To the people who have worked hard to get the word out or even on projects that needed accomplishing . . .those who have blessed me by purchasing supplies . . .the people who just listen to me pour out my heart about this 11 month journey because their act of worship is just checking on me and making sure my heart is being prepared for leaving my world behind to chase after this work around the world.

To all of you . . . THANK YOU.

Within the last 2 wks:

1. (NOT including my T-shirt sales as of yet) about $900 has been raised.

2. My tent was purchased by my dear friends (and more like family than friends), Brad & Leti Clarke. I have a home!!

3. My Large backpacking pack was purchased by my sister Tori and bro in-law Justin!!

4. My car, Moses, MIGHT have an available new owner for the 11 months I'm gone (PRAY! They are checking with logistics to see about taking over my payments for the time I'm gone and driving it. I would have it returned to me when I get back). Oh, Moses . . .this would be a miracle!

5. T-shirts have been selling and I can't wait to see what comes of this non-verbal spread of awareness about God's journey He's taking me on.

6. I was able to skype with someone who recently returned from the WR and now works with Rehab's Rope (Anti-human trafficking organization out of Atlanta) and was blessed with knowledge of the ins and outs of the WR . . .I feel so prepared!!

7. AN INVALUABLE amount of prayers lifted up over me and my trip, along with those I will encounter for the sake of their betterment and the Gospel!

I'm sure I could go on but I'll save it for another post! Please take this from me as you close this portion of Moving Forward out . . . I am grateful. Humbled. I stand in awe of how God has used His people and those having nothing to do with him (as of yet!) to Move me Forward in the WR.

I am still $1,500 or slightly more away from my next goal deadline of $3,500 due May 5th but God through you, will make that happen. My faith is unwavering in this. Thank you.

I will be updating the FB group "Go LO Go" with the last few packing supplies I need to complete my packing. Check that out, they will include things both big and small. Pray over each to see which one you are meant to pledge for :)


I have begun a fundraising and awareness campaign on Facebook for my friends who are adopting a baby girl from China in the next couple of months!Please click "Attend" on this event and then share with your friends:

(All of the details of the 24 hr FB campaign are there . . .read and follow the directions!)

Because of this sweet baby girl, Savannah, I dedicate this week of prayer and support to the undeclared country I will travel to in the continent of . . .


I have traveled to China before, I have seen where this baby girl lives and the treatment of the little girls in their regions. Please help us bring Savannah home, will you? I can't wait to travel back to this area . . . God is working there, I can feel it!