Friday, March 2, 2012

FRIDAY = Friday Hi-5!

Every Friday I will post FIVE different ways in which you can connect with my World Race!! Today’s post is kind of a “mock” post because I am only ready to release WHAT you can do and not all of the links and such yet! This is a work in progress so thanks for your patience! I am learning so much about the blogging world and how to do all of this fundraising! It’s fun and there’s always something to do! Ha!


ONE. T-SHIRTS!! A couple of friends volunteered their time and creativity to create TWO awesome designs for my World Race T-shirts! I will soon post the designs along with a way for you to order yourself (and anyone else you know) World Race T-shirts and the cost of this great way to specifically donate to my journey and share the love!! Woo hoo!!

(If you wish to pre-order, please leave a comment with your name and contact info and I will reserve your t-shirt order for you!)

TWO. Wristbands!! Rubber “Go LO Go” Wristbands will be available for purchase soon!! Stay tuned for color and cost . . .this will be an incredible way for you to remember to pray for my mission AND to share with others about it! Some people are planning to purchase a few extra to pass out! You can do the same!

THREE. Krispe Kreme doughnut coupons!! If you LOVE Krispe Kreme (Like most people I know! Ha!), you may purchase coupons from me for dozens of doughnuts! I will have the cost of these coupons up soon and then you can purchase enough for yourself OR you can purchase those AND more to sell for my mission! Either way, you are helping BIG TIME!!

FOUR. Jewelry and headbands!! Head over to Aunt Bee's Stuff on Etsy and purchase one of Bree's SUPER CUTE pieces to benefit my race! This is a GREAT way to show your support . . .and when people ask you where you got your piece from, you tell them about my WR and then send them to Aunt Bee's Stuff on Etsy so they can buy a few for themselves!

FIVE. Invite me to speak at your church or special group!! I’d LOVE to share about my World Race with any and all who will listen! I have a powerpoint and can set up a table for further discussion and merchandise! Contact me in a comment below, by FB message, or even by phone: (850) 703-0101, and I can travel to where you are and share my passion for this mission to whomever you provide to listen! This would just be HUGE!

So there ya go! A sneak peak at what is to come for Friday Hi-5! This will be completed with all the bells and whistles to make it super easy and accessable soon! For now, you may donate to this cause by clicking this link and then click “Give.


Matthew 10 & Luke 4:18-19

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