Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mid-week Mission: Love & Logistics

I like to talk about love a lot. God's love specifically and how our love should mirror His.
This Mid-week Mission speaks of Love & Logistics because sometimes, desired or not, both are necessary! Haha!
For LOVE's sake I tell you about my dear friend, Amy, and her inspiring passion for the people of Kenya, Africa!

I LOVE that I have friends with passion for the places I am going. This makes me feel a bit more normal for taking off of US life for a year to hit the world hard core with God's LOVE. It's been done before! Haha! Actually, I come from a long line of peeps who gave up a lot more than I could imagine for the sake of bettering the world by bringing it hope . . . them hope. Jesus is the hope that I intend to offer the people of Kenya. My friend, Amy, feels the same way :)

She has visited its' people several times now and I quote her when I say . . .

"My all time favorite pic - it's the kids listening as I tell the story of the good Samaritan leading into the gospel. They are SO so so so so hungry for the TRUTH."


I look at these faces and I think . . . each one has a story . . . one that points to God's bigger story. I must go and tell them, in case no one has, that their life is not purposeless . . . they each have a mission to fulfill for the God that sacrificed everything to save their souls! In this, I pray that they will mirror God's love as well and help anyone, at any time, and for all of the right reasons. Because they owe God everything, even though He asks for only one thing . . . your love in return.

I can completely relate to Amy's words when she states quite honestly . . .

"I could talk for days. My heart is there, still."

As she sent me the information I requested about her trips to Kenya (simply to share with you, my team), I could feel the aggression of her spirit in wanting to DO SOMETHING for them, her people that look nothing like her. 

Amy told me details about her trips to Kenya that I wish I had space to share but I will leave you with 2 more photos that represent to me the culture to which I will be venturing and the heart my sister in Christ has to share her life with those who live in filth and yet brighten the soul of the traveler with their sponge like heart, soaking in all you have to offer . . . I want to offer them truth and LOVE as Amy has been doing for years: 



Thank you, Amy, for "Going" when you are called. Many prayers and blessings in this for the future :) AS one of my faithful World Race supporters, I take you with me.

NOW . . . on to the LOGISTICS!

Today was the day when my finances for my trip were depleted . . .sad day but not altogether! The lot I held onto (Instead of turning into AIM) was for immunizations and Insurance. Well my FIRST 4 shots of immunizations were $200 alone (I need to go back 2xsmore :/ ) and the insurance in total was $381.90I had $500 set aside from the fundraisingup to this point. 

AKA I'm in the hole a bit and I will need $100 just to cover what I've spent thus far (Immunizations & Insurance bought today) and I will need the rest of my immunizations to be covered as well in the VERY near future.

I speak boldly to you now for I feel the Lord tugging on my heart to do so . . . I need your help :) 

So many of you have been giving what you can and I appreciated it more than I literally could ever express! Thank you! This is a specific need that means staying or going. I believe that I am going and I need your help to prep my body to go!

If you are able to donate towards my immunizations/insurance, can you contact me by messaging me on FB or texting my phone:             (850) 703-0101      . E-mailing me would be fine as well:

I know this gift seems maybe to be not as glamorous as some of the others . . . Africa is disease infested, probably only second to India in being a safety hazard for my health. This gift is BIG towards my trip and I can't wait to see WHO God uses to allow me to finish this step in "Going" up!

I stand in awe of my God and His giving people :)



Click this link to see lyrics to a song that celebrates God and His LOVE (Okay, I'm back to love . . . I can't stay away too long! Haha!): SONG!

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