I am a little off this week on my 3 posts a week goal! And now I continue this wacky week of postings with this incredible update taken from my FB status . . .

From laurenclement.theworldrace.org
Miracle Day #98! Hahah! Opened my mail tonight to find $2,050 given towards my World Race!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLESS THE LORD, OH MY SOUL!

. . . I'm going. 

May 5th financial deadline ($3,500): Check. 

Total raised since Jan 10th, 2012 (including packing list, immunizations, & travel insurance): $5,600

$3,950 currently raised towards the $15,500 that covers the entire 11 month mission.

Next goal: $6,500 by mid June 

God has confirmed in my spirit that I will leave the states with $10,000 raised. This will leave $5,500 to raise while I am traveling the 11 countries (via my blog and word of mouth).

Praise the Lord, praise Him as I watch Him send me out and through your giving. I am forever grateful, humbled, and ecstatic!

"so I go"


From laurenclement.theworldrace.org