Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10.


Oh, my precious readers!! I need your GRACE for being MIA for the last week of this series! This past week was spent on the road and in the midst of wedding frenzy! Good days but long and disconnected from my laptop. Prayers appreciated as I recover from my extensive travels and rebuild my schedule for the coming days of this series. My hope is to still post 31 days' worth of writings!

Discouragement was met with grace as I realized a couple of days overdue, that I would not be able to publish while I was gone. Instead of facing failure in all its' force and being attacked by that "I'm not enough" self-talk as the days swam past me,  I was filled with an inexplicable grace for my own unworthiness, despite my lack of ability to "perform" in the way that my heart desired to do so. God doesn't care if I miss my mark. Because that's my mark. And that's the faith I have in God, His character is sustainable in me in spite of my human short-comings. He doesn't have a "mark" for me. He has only great plans and grace as I walk.

I have FAITH in God in me.

Keep your eyes out for the coming posts but in case life gets a little bit busier than you intend, know that there is grace as we grow in faith together :)


(The pic at the top is of just a few of my World Race lovelies that I cherish so heartily! We joined together in love of our sister, Liz, for her wedding celebration! The one to the left is of our host family, Liz's sister and her 3 adorable daughters! Thought you might like to experience a very windy/chilly Chicago day with me!)

How has Papa been spreading the message of GRACE in faith over you recently? Any takers to share? Comment below! To read more on this 31 Days of Faith series, click here!!! To read many more takes on the 31 Days series, head to The Nester's blog!!!

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