Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 13.

Today, faith is recognizing that by opening your mouth and using the voice God gives you, you also open doors for others to walk through in their own form of obedience... sometimes that act sets people free.

Below are two photos that my brother, Bhuvan, tagged me in on FB this past week. Pictured are 2 examples of the results of such a conversation as mentioned above. I am humbled to say that a sit down with this awesome man of God in month 7 of my World Race to discuss His unpressed passions in the anti-trafficking movement, has ignited quite a fierce response... he, his wife, and their ministry partners are currently traveling from remote village to remote village in Nepal (The leading country for under-age trafficking to Indian Prostitution rings), teaching/informing the kids and anyone else who will listen, about the dangerous propositions to avoid when approached by "prosperous big breaks." Aka Stopping human trafficking before it starts. What a blessed concept. Praise God for my friends' obedience. Praise God for listening ears and open hearts. Praise God for the faith to lift a fragile voice, unaware of its' future worth.  

So excited for their freedom!!


Would you like to #endslaverynow ???? Please let me know that you'd like to be a part of this huge effort by commenting below and I'll give you several opportunities to get involved!

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