Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A heart that you can see through is a heart that can be used to shine the glory of God through… clean… pure… authentic.

When I think of the word "pure," I think of the color white. I think of my heart being "white as snow" when it's considered a "pure heart." But in reality, I know that the purest form of gold is not in fact gold, or even white… it's clear. What about "Clean water?" Is that white? Or anything other than see-through?  An honest heart would not be clouded or masked by an obstruction of any sort, right? Reality must be present when honesty exists and if the reality of the heart is blurred… than so is the authenticity of its' existence.

Which brings me to the word "translucent."

The pastor at a church I visited this past Sunday was speaking on the value of and call to have a "clean heart" as talked about throughout Scripture. It was a message I love to hear because it often involves a few of my favorite passages of the Bible… Psalm 51Ezekiel 36.Verses that cause you to re-evaluate.

As He was sharing, Papa em-blazed this word, "translucent," clearly into my thoughts (Love it when He does that!).   I pondered over it, talked about it with Sheldon as we drove down the state of Florida towards vacation a week ago,  and even began to try and practically review my own hearts' state to see if it could be categorized as such. I mean, what on earth would it look like to possess a "translucent heart?"

Vulnerable. But not quite see-through. 

See-through would be thought of as a phrase revealing much vulnerability in any context and for me, God prodded my own clouded, translucent heart to reveal the next phase of my relationship with Him. He wants me to have an honest, clean, pure, and ultimately authentic heart. He wants to be able to see through it because of its' intrinsic naked reality.

He wants my heart to be "transparent."


How do I become honest? How do I achieve purity of heart in its' ultimate and most basic form?

I continued to soak in this question as our beautiful vacation of laughter and relaxation continued...

My heart, valued as gold, must be melted down. Subdued to its' base level… it's going to be a painful process. Not because my God desires me to suffer humiliation but because He is so real and at the base of who I am as a being created in His image… He has already been there and done that and desires me to reflect Him as an image in a mirror.

What else besides a mirror has a reflecting affect? Many types of metal and water.

Metal is melted down to its' purest form for shaping and the stillest of waters reflects most clearly. My lesson here? Apply my heart to the refiners' fire before being formed and sit patiently while He allows peace to cause His perfect reflection. Eventually, my translucent heart will produce the best product of  His workmanship… undefiled and completely transparent love.

please return to read more on my next blog entitled "Love Divine."

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