Thursday, May 10, 2012

Instead of focusing on my World Race for this post, I will introduce you to a mission close to my heart that is taking place THIS SATURDAY . . .


Half a year ago, God introduced me to Amy Joe Pernie. We met years back but neither of us remembers the encounter. She is the Owner/Operator of In His Steps, a Christian Dance Studio here in Pensacola, FL. I have had the honor of being a guest choreographer for her studio the last half a year and have enjoyed just about nothing more. What a peaceful place, even with the music blaring! I would spend all of my time there if I could but alas, God has called me elsewhere! We thought the partnership would be more in depth, since our heartbeats are so similar in ministry and life but God has a plan and for now, that does not involve a partnership past this weekend (except for the prayers offered from one sister in Christ to another!). 

My heart for the anti-Human Trafficking effort in connection with my desire to see dance speak . . .has drawn me into Amy's vision of an event that attacks the first and uses the latter to do so. I am honored to be a part. I want to see individuals in our local Pensacola area, step up to the plate, realizing the great need to end slavery here . . . and now.

I ask that all pray over this huge event. Huge in necessity and I pray huge in size. 

I ask those near and somewhat far to open up your schedule THIS SATURDAY to attend an event that will change your life forever. It will bless you but it will also knock  you to your knees and we all need a little bit of that . . .okay, a lot of that. Organizations from the local front and abroad will be present for inquiry on what you can do NOW to aid in the rescuing of victims, along with the recovery of these same victims. . . in Pensacola, in India, and elsewhere. 

I believe Human Trafficking is the Civil Right's war of MY GENERATION and if you are living now, you are responsible. Harsh words. Truth. You and I will be held accountable for who we fought for . . .and who we left to fend for themselves. I don't mean to discourage but to challenge. Maybe you have plans this Saturday night . . . maybe they aren't as important as saving lives. Just sayin' :) 

With all the love in my heart, I beg you to come . . .or to pray. The event begins at 6:30 pm. If you are unable to attend, would you please set your alarm for that time and pray over the movement taking place in the Pensacola area to end slavery now? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 


Revealed Ministries will be on sight also. What a thrill of my life it is to connect the two of these ministries in such a way! Revealed will have volunteers on sight, along with a booth with information about our events AND with merch for sale to help build the ministry and spread the LOVED. message! L'Atitude will be available for interviewing and such as well. . . I just can't wait for Saturday! 


I was blessed to choreograph the piece that represents the story of a girl who was trafficked RIGHT HERE IN PENSACOLA a few years ago. I have a 15 year old sister who will be attending, this event may not be for children but teens should be aware of what could happen to them. Let's prevent this by instilling the truth of the world in our young women, showering them with the weight of their worth, and encouraging them to fight for others who are not blessed to be warned first. God bless you as you pray over your ability to come and/or pray.



PS Part of my mission while on the World Race will be to fight Human Trafficking (India, Nepal, and Cambodia especially). Won't you consider giving towards this mission? Click here to give a little or a lot.

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  1. I know God will do great things. Wish I could come, but I will be praying! LOVE you!