Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jesus Messiah

"Be the Lord of my dance. Come over me and make my movements sing of your glory! Whisper your love through each step and shout Your truth when I turn for you." #ThisIsMyOffering #Reveal"JesusMessiah"

The above quote was my prayer via Tweet on the day that I began choreographing a dance to the song "Jesus Messiah" for a local dance company to perform this Christmas. The following quote was my tweet upon completing the task . . . 1 month later. I had completely forgotten the words to my earlier Tweet and yet this came forth:

"Thankful that He ALWAYS comes through, even in the nick of time. Choreography complete! #JesusMessiah #Faithful2Reveal"

Hm. Our God is faithful. He is just and He is faithful. The revelation of His love is so poignant and perfectly timely. I am amazed by His ever present inspiration and now wish to challenge myself in tapping into that Holy Spirit driven movement more often by the obedience of my heart towards His sovereign will. Bless God. Our God.

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